Kojima making all-new Metal Gear Solid?

Eventhough Hideo Kojima is hard at work with his role as the executive producer of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, sources close to Kojima Productions have said that the Kojima might actually be working on an all new Metal Gear Solid game

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dangert122825d ago

as great as mgs is i'd like to see somthing else outside the 'metal gear' franchise

gameseveryday2825d ago

I dont think it will be truly Metal Gear if its set outside the franchise.

Batzi2825d ago

He meant another franchise besides "Metal Gear".

McPoopin2825d ago Show
EeJLP-2825d ago

Hoping for Metal Gear Solid: Collection still... Metal Gear Solid (PS1 voices), 2, and 3 remastered. Love those games, but it's rough playing PS1 & 2 games on a big tv.

Obviously MGS5 would be nice too, but I'd like to get an HD upgrade and replay the first 3 also.

morganfell2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I have The Twin Snakes and a use a component cable with my Wii. It's definitely playable on a 52 inch XBR.

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Jamegohanssj52825d ago

Metal Gear RTS. Oh wait that would be lulz. Metal Gear Vamp.


DatNJDom812825d ago

the 3DS remakes. He did announce that he will be bringing MGS to 3DS. Kojima give me the next chapter of MGS on my PS3 as an exclusive!

mac_sparrow2825d ago

you're right, it will be the best MGS on 360, because it has all of...what, no other games in the series to compete with.

49erguy2824d ago

That would be true if MGS2 wasn't released for Xbox.

40cal2824d ago

ooooh, XBR. Very nice.

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King Hippo2825d ago

Kojima isn't even involved in that mediocre Rising garbage. Kojima's MGS games are actually good unlike that lame spinoff.

Eamon2825d ago

God, how people judge games by who'd developing instead of playing them...

But then again, you're just a troll.

Downtown boogey2825d ago

And they even dare to disagree with that.

49erguy2824d ago

Rising will be awesome gameplay wise. We most likely know what will happen in Rising anyway. Raiden saves Sunny from the Patriots for Big Mama, blah, blah, blah. The focus on this MGS is swordplay.

Let the thing come out before you call it garbage. Judging by the effort put into those graphics, I'm sure Konami won't release a garbage game.

Batzi2825d ago

I hope so, I need a "SOLID SNAKE" game ASAP!

raztad2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


Totally loving Peace Walker. As a PSP game is a 10/10. Compared to other MGS on consoles still stands on its own.

mac_sparrow2825d ago

I'm 13 hours in and it's a blast. It actually has all the features you expect, plus it has retained the Kojima quirkiness.

So wanting to love Rising, just can't bring myself to from what I've seen/heard so far

Batzi2825d ago

I am loving Peace Walker too! But I miss "Solid" now :P It's been 2 years since we last heard his voice :(

40cal2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Hell yeah, Peace Walker kicks ass!

Oh, and I am all kinds of excited for Rising. Did you guys not see the sword play demo? I am so in for cutting **** up to that kind of precision, (crazy physics) all set in the Metal Gear universe, whats not to like?

Also need the second digital graphic novel to come out state side, along with this rumored game would be great. And trophy patch MGS4 while your at it.

jaosobno2825d ago

Seriously, I hope for MGS5 more than anything. Also keep it PS3 exclusive, since I don't want any compromises made like with FF13. MGS4 has THE BEST storyline ever.

I would even buy the lame intro like:

Otacon: Snake, since we've found the way to bring you back to youth, let's go on a brand new adventure!


Otacon: OMG, Snake died but has identical looking son! Let's call him Snake too!

Whatever, just give me MGS5 with any kind of Snake (son/clone/old).

velcry2825d ago

I would prefer a female Snake, ie., a playable Big Boss.

It's about time the MGS frachise got a starring female lead.

silvacrest2825d ago

big boss was who you were in MGS3

although playing as big boss during the Zanzibar Land time frame or even as boss would be epic too

i guess kojima could fall back on those two if ideas ever became slow, hell, even being grey fox at some point would certainly please the fans

nefertis2825d ago

i hope it does comeout exclusive too the ps3, I remember kojima was disappointed in not having enough space on blu-ray so idk if it will be on dvd.

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