Xbox 360 Avatars get Fantasy Pets

Feel like the real world is too boring for you? Well, if you head on over to the avatar marketplace, you may find something a bit more fantasy-ish. Above you, the video can help you decide what you're looking for - that is if you're not cut for the real world. Some of these creatures range from a gargoyle, cyclops and even a pretty unicorn.

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basicsameh5142858d ago

that pet reminds me of ho-ho from pokemon

Relientk772858d ago

yea I clicked on the video cuz I thought that was Ho-ho in the picture, and im like pokemon on xbox what? lol

ElitaStorm2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

pet really? are you kidding me? i thought xbox was for the hardcore's lol


Bigpappy2858d ago

The monkey does some kool tricks and dances with my avator. They are not expensive and are nice to have. Adds life to your home screen.

JohnnyAkiba2858d ago ShowReplies(3)
tdrules2858d ago

WoW was here.
Laughing at your lateness to pets

2858d ago
BigRedBall2858d ago

Gotta love sims inspiration! Cant wait for my Home pet!

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