2010 FIFA World Cup Simulation - USA vs. Ghana

Since the entire world is glued to their televisions at the moment watching World Cup games, we decided to try and predict the outcomes before they happen. We did it the only way we knew how: with video games. We turned on 2010 FIFA World Cup, set the difficulty to Legendary, let the computer duke it out, and watched the game so we can tell you all that happens. Hopefully our prediction is right.

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Solans Scott2948d ago

Right now Ghana have the advantage but I guess that anything can happen in the second half.

Brewski0072948d ago

What a game !!! This means soooo much to african football awesome !!
Lol that prediction thing was terrible ! :P

presto7172948d ago

"We are VICTORIOUS. Hail the brave I mean Ghanaian soldiers. Victory was their duty and they have done their duty well"

Persistantthug2947d ago

Great prediction-simulator.

Mcardle2948d ago

surely you would use football manager? Much more accurate player data.

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The story is too old to be commented.