Reggie: 3DS out next year, Donkey Kong Country Returns footage

M2G Writes:

Nintendo has been on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, showing off Donkey Kong Country Returns and 3DS.

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knight6262762d ago

i think Killzone 3 got him more excited

Sandwich Bender2762d ago

To be fair, everything gets him excited.

Paradicia2761d ago

Its his job to sell the product to the audience and the viewers.

Cevapi882760d ago

a bit surprised by this....the e3 conference had me thinking the system was coming out holiday 2010 just because of the immense support the 3DS will have through 3rd party devs...then again, im sure Nintendo is making sure that the machine will be top notch when it releases, 2010 or not...

coolman2292761d ago

But that was his first 3D game. It's just like the first time you see HD, it doesn't matter which brand you saw it on, you saw HD.

ElitaStorm2761d ago

this 3D technology is only for one person,

wampdog292761d ago

How did you figure that one out? Was it the fact that handhelds are played by single players or was it the fact that only one player can play at a time..........

ElitaStorm2761d ago

dude if you play with that 3DS and your friends watching you play, they are not gonna see the 3D effects, you will

Seekerofthewind2761d ago

People watch you play handhelds? O.o I have never encountered a situation where a friend of mine actively watched me play a portable game. A console game, sure (Silent Hill: Shattered Memories comes to mind), but never a portable. To be honest, the only portable multiplayer games I own/play are games that require the separate people to have individual portable devices.

Army_of_Darkness2761d ago

Apparently, you have never brought the only handheld on a long roadtrip or to Camp before...

Downtown boogey2761d ago

Yeah... I would like to see Nintendo shut up about comparing it to 3D on TVs unless they could somehow magically do it on them too.

Seferoth752761d ago

I would like to see upset fanboys shutting up about things they know nothing about.

Wizziokid2761d ago

3DS be a massive hit next year, no doubt about it.

2761d ago
kevin360uk2761d ago

No doubt it will be a big seller, but theres no doubt Nintendo milk out their products. No doubt we'l see a 3DSi or whatever upgrade further down the line. Nintendo just love the money coming in, basic hardware, quite high prices, easy to produce games, loadsaa money. I just dont know why Nintendo have very little interest in beefing up atleast one home console to broaden its consumer base cause they are still in the dark ages of gaming

Seferoth752761d ago

Someones bitter. I always love to hear you kids crying about the versions of DS when PSP has just as many but you never talk about that.
And speaking of milking. Why is it I can get a completely different experience on Wii and DS but most of the big PS3 games are on PSP and they play exactly the same.

coolman2292761d ago

Yeah. At least Nintendo improved the DS with each iteration. That's why people complain. There's a visible difference between the models. Nintendo knows what it's doing. They know how to make an experience

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The story is too old to be commented.