MAG DLC ‘Interdiction’ Review

The first premium content pack for MAG, gives players a new game mode called Interdiction which includes 3 new faction neutral maps.

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basicsameh5142862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

i dont know whats more shocking someone priced a dlc at 10$ or people still play mag? /s

knight6262862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

only reason people still play mag is because zipper supports mag with dlc and updates

dangert122862d ago

mag is a great game i don't playy it often but love it

Weaksauce11382861d ago

Yes people are still playing this SOCOM 4 beta apparently

Chubear2861d ago

One of the most popular game modes that was critically acclaimed by many gaming sites and PC gamers around the world on Battle Field2 is now in MAG only with double the amount of players found in BF2 and it's own little MAG universe twist.

If you're a true shooter fan I'm baffled how this can be viewed as anything less than great. I personally love 2 other modes more than this one but it's still a blast and now adds to MAGs growing modes.

Later this year MAG will be presenting yet another game mode and maps with all 3 factions fighting on one map. That would bring the number of modes up to 6 and still counting. It's a pity the gaming community will talk such dirty about MW2 but still support it and a game like this that innovates and is actually supported by it's developers is called "meh" simply cause it doesn't blow horns, whistles and flashy colourful stuff hard in your face like you suffer from ADD or something.

If the haters just want to stick their heads in the sand and hate then have fun with that. We'll be over here actually gaming and enjoying this title.

execution172861d ago

just about to type down what you typed so bubbles.

MAG is awesome i logged in over 200 hours since i had it, would of logged in more hours if it wasn't for work or college being in the way ;) So go out and buy the DLC and game if you don't own it

Gene2861d ago

Alot of people play mag it's a big multiplayer game that has long legs more people are going to buy it's the biggest multiplayer game for consoles.

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Newtype2862d ago

If my PS3's was connected again, I'd be playing this nonstop. The deal is pretty good.

Sitris2862d ago

PLUS double xp this weekend, no excuse to not play it now!

Not_A_Fanboy2862d ago

That being said, the maps are huge in comparison to game like MW2.

WalMartFTW2861d ago

Can someone tell me if I should get a ps3 (phat that is still in working condition) from my friend all cables included (hdmi), one controller, and CoD [email protected] for 200$ I currently own a 360 and no up-coming games interest me. I'm not a big fan of Halo so I'm pretty sure I am not getting Reach. The only game I'm looking foward to is Gears 3. And of course PS3 has some great Exclusive so yeah feedback would be much appreciated :) Thanxxx

mrv3212861d ago

$200 seems good, is the PS3 in good condition? If so I'd buy it. [email protected] is a good game and I suggest you look into Uncharted 2.

WalMartFTW2861d ago

Yeah that game got my attention.

Pumbli2861d ago

WalMartFTW - I'd say go for it, sounds like a pretty solid deal.

ivant2861d ago

If it is the original 60G with BC,...maybe. But be aware it will need proper cooling to avoid YLOD. Also, it guzzles a lot of electricity compared to the slim and attracts dust and fingers prints, like crazy.

The thing is you can get a new machine, has more HDD memory, that consumes less energy, is slimmer, will have a warranty....all, for just a little more money.

Be safe and go new.

2861d ago
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