Gears of War Fan Makes Cliff Bleszinski’s Month, Puts Others to Shame

Ripten writes: "There are Gears of War fans, and then there are complete lunatics. This guy falls somewhere in between the two.

Chad’s our resident Gears of War fan, and when he linked me to this video, I could sense the shame and sadness in his text. He thought he was a real fan, but after seeing this, he may have realized that he let Cliff Bleszinski down..."

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gynecologistcobra2670d ago

Cliff Bleszinski wants to know if this guy is available for birthday parties.

bomboclaat_gamer2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

totally a crap statement
you cant add an intelligent comment for once?

anyway, back to the topic

nice little watch, not the funniest in the world tho

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WrAiTh Sp3cTr32670d ago

This guy's Marcus impression was spot too funny!

Solidus187-SCMilk2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

did you see this guys impression of Cole. That made my day.

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Chucky20032670d ago

his T-Shirt says it all,FAIL!

HighTreason2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )


Thats the only thing I liked from Gears 2


lol @ 1:53

Kingdom Come2670d ago

I wanna be considered the Number One Gears of War Fan :[

Sandwich Bender2670d ago

Well then you gotta step up your crazy, my friend.

Kingdom Come2670d ago

But, I own a Replica Lancer. Surely that makes up for a lack of craziness.

xhi42670d ago

that sh1t was funny though

HDgamer2670d ago

You have to make Cliffy B your savior and Microsoft as your god. Then pay 50 a year and bend over every once in a while.

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