Reggie - 3DS is coming out next year

Reggie was on Jimmy Fallon tonight to demo Donkey Kong Country and brought with the demo of that game to give viewers the release date of the 3DS

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knight6262920d ago

i thought this was confirmed during E3

zireno2920d ago

indeed it was, so this is not news, fridays are always slow in n4g

Tony-A2920d ago

He wasn't nearly as excited playing the 3DS as he was with glasses yesterday, but it's good confirmation by Reggie and Donkey Kong looks sweet!

He also mentioned that the kind of 3D on the 3DS was "weird". I think it's great that they're doing 3D without glasses, but I don't know if it makes people feel as immersed as they feel wearing glasses. It's still gonna sell great, but I don't think it'll eat away at the "big boy" 3D, despite it's expensiveness.

I mean, when did 3DTVs become available? Like, a few months ago and it made over $55mil?

Raypture2920d ago

probably early 2011

because I doubt games would take that long to develop, and from the looks of things devs have had their hands on the 3DS for quite a while

I bet Japan gets it Q4 2010 and us Q1 2011, seeing as how it usually comes out in japan first and as I said I doubt they'll be waiting that long with the 70 some launch titles.

Neo Nugget2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Damn, well that sucks =(

Oh well. I guess that means I don't have to beat up any holiday shoppers to get mine. *****WINK*****

Myst2920d ago

Plenty of time for me to get the money ready for it then.

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The story is too old to be commented.