Bungie: Halo: Reach Is On the Final Stretch

Bungie's almost done and it’s playing so damn good!! They can’t wait for you all to join Noble Team on Reach in just a few months.

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dangert122827d ago

=) can't wait to play i love bungie but not supporting there activision game, and i really do believe it was activision who fu*ked us uk gamers over still i rekon with the titles sony exclusively make that i wont care about there next title to much =/

basicsameh5142827d ago

i dont think it will be ps3 exclusive bot activision and bungie will be stupid to do so

dangert122827d ago

nah i doubt it will be a ps3 exclusive and even if it would be i would't support it for the simple reason 'activision' ain't getting a penny of mine.i'll just look forward to a sony exclusive because in recent times they ain't been a let down 'FAR FROM'

McPoopin2827d ago

Xbox owns ps shit, this game is proof of the superiour unified gpu in the 360 ps3 cant keep up, look at how shit rdr was on sonys shit. Station

akaFullMetal2827d ago

And look how crap ff13 was on 360 compared to the ps3 version. You can"t compare systems with multiplatform games man, compare with exclusives if your going to do that.

TROLL EATER2827d ago

september 14th seems so far away

ClownBelt2827d ago

The title sounds so fake.

Quagmire2827d ago

Right, like we were expecting them to say "Our game doesnt really play well".

Obvious things are obvious.

MexicanAppleThief2827d ago

Seems kinda sad in way that this is their last hurrah... Hopefully their future projects will have have the same care and attention Reach has right now. :)

Brewski0072827d ago

These guys have already tasted success, I'm sure with the experience behind them they have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal to make another fantastic project. Hopefully we'll hear more from them about this as soon as halo comes and goes.

Wizziokid2827d ago

Can't wait to play Reach! :D

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