Playstation needs to step up to hang in with Xbox, Wii

Langston Wertz/Charlotte Observer: Once upon a time, the Sony PlayStation, at least to me, was the best of the next-gen videogame systems.

Now, Sony looks to be in third place.

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alphakennybody2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Lol!. If you're talking about sales, then probably against the wii as the ps3 is steadily closing the gap with the 360 . If you're talking about the games, then ps3 is leader. With so many groundbreaking exclusives that are the envy of many devs, its both 360 and wii that needs to step it up.

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Megaton2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

The whole idea of "sales = quality" is totally bunk. If you wanna translate that idea into the rest of the world the best car would be a Toyota Corolla, best movie would be Avatar, best food would be McDonalds, and the best game would be Wii Sports (or Wii Fit, your choice). Oh, and don't forget your Justin Bieber album to go with all that, cause you know he's selling millions too.

Two years in a row AIAS and numerous gaming media outlets have dubbed PS3 exclusives GOTY. 2008 it was LittleBigPlanet, 2009 it was Uncharted 2. PS3 keeps delivering the best games, so who really needs to step it up?

kasasensei2797d ago

Where is the "give a train of bubbles" button when i need it??!!

nickjkl2797d ago

never mind the one about albums doesnt hold

michael jackson has the best selling album with over 50 million with thriller and he deserved every single one of them

UltimateIdiot9112797d ago

Well said, +Bubbles.

Why this generation have been all about sales is beyond me. Also, last time I check, I don't buy a game based on sales, I buy a game based on quality. Hmmmm, strangely enough, some of the best games this gen are not top sellers.

seij5552797d ago

Unfortunately this will get approved even though it is baseless flamebait. Ps3 is overtaking 360 in sales and the 360 is only ahead because of the head start. Oh and Sony has had the top quality this gen so I am happy.

cliffbo2797d ago

headstart and you ar forgetting the price difference if the 360 was same price as a ps3 it would be miles behind in sales and lets not forget about all the different 360's out there without a HD as standard good job MS fracture your market keep it up and maybe 360 fanboys will finally wake up and learn that MS dont give a shit about any of them and all they care about are sales figures and not the games or the hardware.

Socrates2797d ago

You think Sony personally cares about you either? You're a fool if you do. They care about your money, because that is what all companies are in business for.

I continue to get great games on my 360. In fact this year there were far more games I bought for my 360 than my PS3. I bought God of War 3 and that is all I will probably get for my PS3 all year. On the other hand I bought Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and I will be getting Halo Reach and Fable 3. Early next year I will be getting Gears of War 3 and Killzone 3.

This talk about the 360 being deficient in games is an outright fabrication propagated by some of a certain console persuasion.

Also, even the Jasper units had nearly eliminated any problems and I am willing to bet that the 360 S model will prove to be as reliable as any other console on the market.

insomnium2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

PS3 has 22 games at 90+ and x360 has 21 games at 90+ points. I'm using the holy grail of the x360 fans ie Metacritic.

Out of those 21 games for the x360 33% have been launched in 2009-2010 while the percentage on the same thing for PS3 is 63,6%.

This does paint a clear picture of the situation doesn't it? There is no spin whatsoever in this. This is the truth coming back to bite you x360 fans on the ass.

These "weapons" I'm using are the exact same "weapons" you x360 fans used when the situation favoured you by default (the recent launch of the PS3). Now the situation is the way we said it would be. You had your laughs and your "delaystation"-talks but nonetheless, here we are and the ball is back in your court.

el zorro2797d ago

Insomnium, that doesn't accurately tell the story either. The PS3 has 248 games rated 75 or higher, while the 360 has 345 games rated 75 or better.

Now I don't know about you, but I don't only play games rated higher than 90 on metacritic. Some of my favorite games are games that scored in the high 70s and 80s. By the same token there are many games that are rated higher than 90 that I don't personally enjoy. For example, I would take a Dead Space or an Alan Wake a thousand times over a GTA4.

So having a much larger catalog of good games (usually considered 75+) is a very significant advantage. It gives a larger library of games to draw from and possibly find games that we will love.

The other problem with your reasoning is the assumption that people only play the most recent games, when in fact all the games are valuable. Sometimes I miss out on a game and don't get to play it until months or even years later. But you know what? Those games are still the great games that they were when they came out. True art is timeless. Moreover, those recent games that you think are all important will one day be months or years old and is that going to make them worthless at that point?

Finally, the only thing your percentages show is that the PS3 was seriously lagging behind in terms of highly rated games for the first couple years. It has seen most of its growth in the past year or two. That's great, but it still doesn't change the fact that the 360 has a much larger overall library of games, as well as more games rated at 75+, 80+, 90+ and so on.

insomnium2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

This is my reply there below --> "thought it was above 90 in MC the x360 fans were on about before.
Now it's above 80? Why? Does the fact that PS3 has more games above 90 have anything to do with it.....? -_- "

Didn't I tell you "I'm using are the exact same "weapons" you x360 fans used when the situation favoured you by default"?

It was the x360 fans who invented the "above 90 in MC is not AAA" just to downplay the first heavy hitters on PS3 (Ratchet and Uncharted). You know this right?

I'm not telling you anything about "people only play the most recent games". I'm using the weapons the x360 people used against us. WE TRIED to tell them about MC scores not being the most important thing but they didn't listen.

BTW you should do some fact checking. PS3 still has more games rated 90+ in MC. This does not matter to me personally since PS3 has way too many exclusive games to ignore but it sure feels nice to beat those x360 fanbrats at their own game.

You however sound like you have no idea why I'm saying the things I'm saying. Were you not here 2-3 years ago?

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tinybigman2797d ago

when will these stupid flamebait articles stop being written against all the consoles?

also when will the western media (mainly american) realize that america does not equal the world. this is why everyone hates us.

again sales does not equal quality because the wii is leading with all the shovelware it has. give me quality titles any day of the week and this is what i get with the ps3, with 360 second.

tinybigman2797d ago

are hurt by my truthful comment. oh well deal with it.

Lord Gunchrote2797d ago

The same way you're sick of fanboyism is how some feel about their nationality being brought into the conversation...America is hated because we have what others don't...FREEDOM OF SPEECH. lol. You sure you're from here?

Figboy2797d ago

and the reason why people hate American's is because we are obnoxious, pompous, assholes who use that wacky FREEDOM OF SPEECH to irritate and insult anyone within earshot.

It's bad enough that our government has a superiority complex, but it's also trickled into our citizens.

We mistake "arrogance" for "patriotism," and we praise self indulgence and an uncanny ability to not GIVE A FUCK about anything that doesn't personally affect us.

There was a time when I was a "Proud American." Not anymore. Most of my disgust comes from how the American media has manipulated and shaped the American culture into the pathetic mess it is, where people like Paris Hilton are idolized, and people are so disgusted with themselves because of what some model does/says about them on the TV that self confidence is only reserved for the super rich.

I won't even get into my government issues, but since I don't fall into the Upper, or Middle Class of American finance, you can kind of guess what I think about this current economic recession right now.

America needs to get off of it's high horse, and fix it's OWN SHIT, instead of poking our turned up noses into other people's business. At least right now. Once we get our act together, we can then extend help to those that REQUEST IT.

Maybe then, we'll finally start to earn some respect. You may not be old enough to remember, but there WAS a time when America was respected and envied by many other countries. Now though? Now, we're a fucking LAUGHING STOCK. And they aren't laughing WITH us, they're laughing AT us. And for good reason.

tinybigman2797d ago

Yes I'm an american, born and raised in queens new york. And I agree with everything fig said. As for the topic on hand I think sony is doing alright for themselves.

Bordel_19002796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

This flamebait article really is lame.

And, well, everybody doesn't really hate America (USA) (it's been more like, what the hell are those guys doing to the world kind of thing and why are they so arrogant and indifferent about it ), but I agree with much of what tinybigman and Figboy said. The US has kind of fallen on it's ass, the days were the US was a great and respected country are gone for now. So it's time to pick yourselves up and become what you once were guys.

Like the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility, this power has been exploited and misused. You had the worlds sympathy and support after 911, boy did you guys blow that one.

Just for the record, I do not have anything against americans or the US, I've been there many many times. I don't blame a whole country for anything nor it's people. I love the american spirit of never giving up, keep going till the whistle blows. It's not like Europe or the rest of the world doesn't have it's fair share of problems either.

@Lord Gunchrote
What are you talking about? All of Europe has the same degree of your so called "FREEDOM OF SPEECH", are you talking about radical Islamistic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran?

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King Hippo2797d ago

Especially by adding PS+. Now instead you can get free games, longer demos, easy beta invites, free themes+avatars, discounts, automatic downloads, etc for $50 rather than paying $50 to Microsoft just so you can play online (something the PS3 can already do for free).

All us PS3 players are so frickin G
And the best part of all, we play online for free

palaeomerus2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

I don't want Any of that crap. Paid subs for online features are are a stupid deal for the consumer no matter who's offering them.

Mini Mario2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

i just want to play games. put it in and away you go. Quite Simple really.

Alot of people outside sites like this are put off with online and installing and updating and god knows what else. I get annoyed every time i go to the playstation store and have to update every time just to buy a quick game.

Maybe that's what they missed this gen. Simple fun.

irepbtown2797d ago

eye toy kinetic, remember that for the ps2. A bit of copyright going on there...

Kinetic for the xbox is amazing though, i wonder if Sony will sue the NAME, for copyright reasons.

Red-Dead-Roar2797d ago

it is not called kinetic on the 360... check your spelling..

palaeomerus2797d ago

Eyetoy was nothing but a common webcam.

Sony didn't invent webcams OR dumb webcams games.

They didn't even do the first one on a console. (Dreameye was earlier)

And Kinect does stuff the PsEye(the modern webcam for sony consoles can't without a couple of silly glowing $50 add ons. Sorry dude.

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Nihilism2797d ago

LOL, I agree, that is the biggest load of $#!+ i'v ever read on here...and there have been a lot of bad articles.

The majority of the 360's library is on PC. The ones that aren't, I can very much do without. The PS3 has the only exclusives worth owning.

PopEmUp2797d ago

this kind of articles come along, I lead me to believe that there is no logic on N4G lol

Dee_912797d ago

if ps3 came out 5 mill behind xbox and its about 4 mill behind now.. that means its selling faster than xbox...

so technically xbox needs to step up

Anon19742796d ago

Perhaps more accurate? Is this author sniffing glue?

Here's a quick tip when writing articles. Maybe try the technologies you're writing about, then offer your opinion. It's quite obvious by the cut and paste nature of this article that the author has no actual insight into anything he's talking about. It's called research.

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Tony-A2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

No, it doesn't.

They're all doing things their own way. Whether you care about what they bring to the table or not is your problem.

PlayStation remains the leader in high quality exclusive titles and quality hardware. Third place never killed Nintendo, and there's no way in hell it'll kill Sony. End of.

Socrates2797d ago

"PlayStation remains the leader in high quality exclusive titles and quality hardware."

That is completely a matter of opinion. The Wii is certainly just as reliable if not more so. The new Xbox 360 S is also likely just as reliable.

The games debate is a matter of taste or opinion. I can show you where there are more Xbox 360 games rated 80 or above on metacritic than there are for the PS3. See, that is something factual you can point to.

If you own more games for your PS3 that is fine, but it is your own opinion that makes it so. I personally own more games for my 360 than my PS3.

I absolutely agree with the last part of what you wrote. Third place will not kill Sony. If the 360 somehow ended up in third place it wouldn't kill the Xbox brand either. It's far from being the death sentence some people make it out to be. All it will mean is that they will come back next generation and try to do better.

The truth is, all three consoles are doing well this generation and that is something we should all be happy about.

GarandShooter2797d ago

'The games debate is a matter of taste or opinion. I can show you where there are more Xbox 360 games rated 80 or above on metacritic than there are for the PS3. See, that is something factual you can point to.'

LOL, after schooling DWeezy on 'opinion', you decide to use a 'collection of opinions' as factual evidence?

Oh, the irony.

insomnium2797d ago

Now it's above 80? Why? Does the fact that PS3 has more games above 90 have anything to do with it.....? -_-

strickers2797d ago

Quality of hardware can mean more than reliability.The Wii is so reliable because it's not cutting edge.Old tech with the problems ironed out already but seriously lacking power,versatility,media functionality.
The PS3 has the highest ratings per game of any system and 360 has an extra year on the market(18 months in EU)with higher average ratings than they should have,due to next gen wow factor.Even the first Ghost Recon got good reviews and its pants.The PS3 has the most technically advanced games on any console,that is bot open to debate.
You are totally right though,success of all 3 consoles is good for all.

Millionaire2798d ago

So basically, it's not the best anymore because it has the lowest sales in the three current consoles. This guy's logic is sales = quality.

strickers2797d ago

You have to factor time on market,then in fact 360 is the slowest selling.It had 12 months in JP/US and 18 months in EU.Even with the market to itself it sold slower than PS3.Imagine if they had launched together.PS3 has the lowest total sales but you can make a good case for it's performance being better than 360s.

Silly gameAr2798d ago

Do games not matter to people anymore? Isn't that what pushes hardware in the first place? I think if Sony continues to focus on the actual games and not just the hardware, things will be just fine.

PopEmUp2797d ago

that still Sony Main goals? Focusing on games isn't it

SupaGamer2798d ago

About Kinect-"Journalists who saw a demo this week came away impressed"

Is he talking about ES 2010?

PirosThe4th2797d ago

lol... impressed of how powerful it was?

It can even predict your movements before you do them with reverse lag technology !
Its awesome!