Saints Row Demo Now on Marketplace

Time to get Canonized, gain respect and clean up the Row.
Xbox Live members can now download a demo for 'Saints Row' from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

This free demo is available in all Xbox Live regions except Germany and Mexico.

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MONTY 1874036d ago

germanys never get any good stuff!

DC RID3R4036d ago

official xbox360 mag!!!

bizzy124036d ago

i had mine for 2 weeks just from puting 5 dollars down at gamestop plus with there you get a free gamer pic and a free them plus trailer and art work and you dont have to dl it to your hard drive when the game come just get rid of the demo

MONTY 1874036d ago

whats the game like then guys?

DC RID3R4036d ago

with spliffs, blunts,bongs and GIN n JUICE!!!