Satoru Iwata Talks About the Price of Kinect and Move Additional costs are not ideal

Common wisdom holds that with the launch of Kinect from Microsoft and PlayStation Move from Sony, the makers of the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 are aiming to take a chunk out of the market currently dominated by Nintendo with its Wii home console. But recent comments from the most important man at the company show that the Japanese console maker is not too concerned about the prospect and believes its two rivals will have some problems with their fresh motion tracking peripherals.

Satoru Iwata, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ninendo and the man who seems to do most of the talking about company strategy these days, told VentureBeat in an interview that “Asking consumers to pay more for additional hardware is not ideal. If I were one of the developers for Kinect or Move, I would wonder if Microsoft or Sony would have a large enough installed base of this accessory to justify investment in a game.”

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pork_chop_express2917d ago

Coming from the company that is responsible for wii motion plus.

The profit markup on a dsi is the largest there has ever been in console history.

jneul2916d ago

yeah it's ok for them to sell wiimote acessories for $$ and to roll out the same games every gen and give them a new lick of paint, nintendo does not innovate, they just copy paste and add new lick of paint every now and again
i can't wait for ps move

Seferoth752916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

I know its so wrong of them to offer 1:1 for 20. They should be like Sony and charge 60.00 for for it like Sony did with 10.00 rumble in a new 60.00 controller.

Jneul, I think you are confusing Nintendo with Sony kid.. First DKC game in almost 20 years. You are on your 3rd Killzone in 6. Funny how most of the Wii games were not on GC last gen but most of the PS2 library is on the PS3 and the PSP this gen... Oh but its Nintendo that milks. That's why I can get a completely different experience with a Wii and DS but PSP and PS3 share many of the exact same games and they all play the exact same.

Educating yourself might help you not get proven wrong and made to look like a fool so easily.

trounbyfire2917d ago

don't you have to buy more Wiimote so other can play. The wheel, glof club, tennis racquet should i continue or am i clear.

this guy is worse than the crytek guys. you know what you just focus on apple while the PS3 takes you market share each year.


ChickeyCantor2916d ago

I believe thats you crying in the avy?

*Badaboom psssshhhh*

jneul2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

hypocrite much this is how much wiimote is if you buy peripherals by themselves
wiimote $39.75 + nunchuck $15.99 + wiimotion plus $17.54 = $73.28, so iwata I can smell your fear.

ChickeyCantor2916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

" “Asking consumers to pay more for additional hardware is not ideal. If I were one of the developers for Kinect or Move, I would wonder if Microsoft or Sony would have a large enough installed base of this accessory to justify investment in a game.”"

How does this make him a hypocrite?
He is talking about the investment of the development from a developers point of view.

In his case lots of wii games do NOT require the nunchuck or Motion plus.
However, they do package at least 1 nunchuck and (recently) a motion plus( for a what lower price)
So wii developers are ensured they could make any type of game regardless of the control setup. Motion gaming is the standard on a Nintendo console, not on the other 2.

Gr812916d ago

He knows what he's talking about Sidar. Not Iwata, the guy above us.

Iwata's reasoning is very much in line with other developers as well as the general consensus of the mainstream consumer. The games shown to support Move or Kinect, are either Wii copy cats, or an attempt to go after this mythified "casual gamer". After WSR, which released LAST YEAR, E3 this year just looked so been there done that.

Wii's out the box have the ability to play ANY game released on the system and many add on peripherals come bundled like M+ early on was bundled with EA's tennis game, Tiger 10, Red Steel 2 etc. And the cost was the same as a regular HD game. Now the systems come bundled with M+ as well now.

Iwata is looking at things in a historical context, add ons, especially this late in the game are almost destined for failure. Look at Sega, and they had a far stronger first party than Sony and especially M$.

Seferoth752916d ago

He is a Sony fan so what do you expect. Go to any Sony article and just listen to the moronic BS they claim is real.

I mean this kid couldnt even comprehend what was being said in the article. Is it not a big sign that most of Sonys supporters dont even have a 4th grade reading ability