Do Kinect and Move Make PC Gaming Look Like a Bargain?

An interesting thought came up in some post-E3 discussions with friends: with the introduction of the new Kinect for the XBOX 360 and Move for the Playstation 3, has console gaming become more expensive than being a PC gamer?

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ExcelKnight2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Agreed. The cost analysis of each console is flawed, especially if you're a bargain hunter (which the author seems to imply is the case when looking for PC items, but NOT when looking for console items). It's interesting that the most accurate part of the analysis is exclusively the cost of PC gaming.

Let's not forget: Kinect isn't officially priced yet, you can get a year of Live Gold for under $50 these days, the PSN+ offer is NOT required to play online, the Move bundle includes the $50 webcam, and the Wii does NOT have a webcam (ok it does, but it's only compatible for ONE game and isn't licensed by Nintendo).

ColdFire2766d ago

PC is cheaper anyway tbh.
Cost of a normal PC = £350
Cost of a gaming PC = £500
Therefore, a gaming PC, or upgrade is £150
Which is < a Console

ExcelKnight2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

If that were the case, then you'd have to add that much money for every single additional player in the household. That's also another flaw in the article: it details adding a second controller, but anyone who's ever bought a console buys a second controller for supporting multiple players in a local environment. That's not possible for PC unless you shell out money for multiple USB game pads (about the same price as console ones, especially wireless ones) or get another PC altogether for LAN (local) play.

In essence, the more someone has to spend for additional players on one console, the better the savings.

JsonHenry2766d ago

The initial investment in a PC is a steep one compared to what the consoles cost, especially now that they have gone down in price over the past couple years.

However the extra features and uses, larger storage medium, cheaper games, MUCH larger catalogue of games, and higher graphical quality the PC will allow compared to the current consoles certainly make the PC look not as expensive as one might think when compared to the consoles capabilities.

wicko2766d ago

Lets not forget that a PC isn't just for gaming. People seem to forget that when comparing them to consoles.

Darkfocus2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I built mine for $460 CAD and it easily outperforms all the consoles on multiplatform games. so they really didn't need to list the pc price so high also the games could go much cheaper to because steam always has large sales a couple times a year that have even recent games at huge discounts like the sale right now.

edit:just read the article he bought his pc from dell that's the problem would have been much cheaper to build one. also why is there a charge for PS3 online service?

ProjectVulcan2766d ago

Playing nearly all multi platform titles on my Pc saves me more than enough every year over buying the console version to afford a nice upgrade, a new graphics card or whatever.

At least 10 pounds a game over 15-20 titles for a year is not to be sniffed at

Imperator2766d ago

Have you seen Steam's sales? It IS a bargain.

Garnett2766d ago

lol, PC is for "hardcore" gamers, while consoles are for the "casual" gamers.

PC has mods and stuff like that, which is a big thing, if PS3 or Xbox can get mods onto the console, then that will be a huge plus.

sloth33952766d ago

you forget UT3 on the PS3 did support mods

HolyOrangeCows2766d ago

So console gaming is more expensive because it has the option of multiplayer on one setup and corporate-backed motion controls and games cost a little more?

Awesome, lol.

8800gtx2766d ago

Mouse superior
Motion gimmicks inferior


bostoner2766d ago

I have a Frag FX for my ps3... works with any game.... Moot point buddy. article never said anything about controller preference.

Substance1012766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Since when did Frag Fx come packaged with the PS3? that would raise the price.

Also the article puts the PC at 1000usd. I could easily build a good gaming one for 500-700usd, even the 500usd version would be way ahead of any console.


If its about the price then the PC then the 1000usd listed for the PC are for a very high spec machine, while even a 500usd machine will outperform a console multiple times. Not to mention the same 500usd machine really does everything, while for consoles thats just a marketing campaign.

bostoner2766d ago

I was just saying we don't need comments about controller preferences its about price. and I just added the fact that PC isn't the only place to use a mouse. I like the mouse for shooters and RPGs too but this article isn't about that.

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bostoner2766d ago

If you fix the few errors in the motion control, webcam, and online service, The article kind of negates its own point... ecspecially with the ps3. Not to mention the fact that some games on PC... including the most popular one requires a subscription to enjoy it fully. The only thing I could say to help his argument is to include the fact you can play free games all over the internet. Consoles don't every really have totally free games with out stipulations. One the other hand I built my PC myself and it'll run any game out there.... but I payed more than $1000 for it and its by no means a dream machine. Plus you need a monitor.. or at least an HD TV... a game console only needs a regular TV, which everyone has at least one.

Substance1012766d ago

Check out

You could make a 2000usd PC and completely botch it with a poor GPU. Remember the GHZ on your CPU dont mean much without a good enough GPU to back it up.

Tomshardware is a good place to start with, for 500-700usd you could make a PC that will far surpass any console.

ABizzel12766d ago

No because, unlike parts to get your PC running Kinect and Move are optional.

K-Tuck2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Here you go, author.

All of this is also to assume that PCs can accommodate two (or more) players comfortably, which is almost never the case.

PSN is free, so no charge there. The Wii doesn't have a webcam, as far as I know, and the cost of webcams for Xbox 360/PS3 is included in the price of its motion control bundle.

Other factors include the resale value of PC games versus console games. Console games easily get half of their value back, if not more than that. Consoles also require no upgrades, and (as the author states here), even if they do break, they will be fixed. You build your own PC, you better get to hitting the books on how to deal with any immeasurable number of software or hardware issues.

Oh, and, of course: online options aren't needed to play most games for any platform. Also, since the PC can't yet do motion control, there isn't any real need to include it. Thus, the chart could even be read as:

PC: 4050
Xbox: 3950
PS3: 3950
Wii: 3250

Doesn't look quite as cheap now, does it?

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Cyan83132766d ago

Why do you need a second controller to the consoles when the PC (keyboard/mouse) only supports one ?
And why isn't there a cost for motion control for the PC ? Oh right....

Letros2766d ago

Price hasn't been determined yet for Sixense.

Igniter2766d ago

There isn't a cost yet for motion control on the PC, but there is someone working on it.

emil12766d ago

why you have to buy second controller for consoles but not for pc?

motion control and psn+ and web camera are optional.

so only console games are more expensive

8800gtx2766d ago

"So only console games are more expensive"

You forgot they are inferior versions too.


comp_ali2766d ago

I don't agree with article , however I agree that PC gaming Is NOT expensive and stop comapring apples to orange ffs.

kneon2766d ago

Unless you're hardcore into flight sims. I used to spend nearly the cost of a console on just a yoke or joystick, and then there's rudder panels and all manner of instrument panels. If you are real hardcore then you'd probably start with something like this and add on a few more parts.

but even for my PS3s I've easily spent double the cost of a console on extra DS3s, PSEye, Joysticks for flight sims, Frag FX for FPS and a Logitech Driving Force GT. And soon a bunch of moves and navigators will be added to the pile.

Oh and I almost forgot all the guitars, mics and a drum set for GHWT.

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