The Five Worst Things About Call Of Duty

What's wrong with Call of Duty and my opinion on the subject. Like it or not, you're reading it because you are intrigued.

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Quagmire2767d ago

Really? Just 5? I could name about 20.

deadreckoning6662766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Well, I have never owned a Call of Duty game in my life..but everytime I play deathmatch over at my friends house, its always alot of fun. The last COD I played online was World at War and it was very entertaining IMO. I'm not saying the people who say the game has problems are liers..I'm just saying that I personally haven't experienced any that have been gamebreakers.

Bad Company 2 is my FPS of choice btw.

@cobraagent- Ur wrong. By your logic, its not Activision and Kotick that'll ruin gaming, its the GAMERS who keep on buying COD games that will ruin gaming. The only thing Activision is doing is giving the people what they want and making shit tons of money doing it(good business). If u wanna blame someone, blame the people who keep buying these games. Why in the world would Activision pass up all that dough to please the silent MINORITY of gamers that hate on the biggest multiplayer phenomenon since Halo?

Why can't u accept that there are people out there who ACTUALLY enjoy COD games?

TotalPS3Fanboy2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

2. Lag
3. Lag
4. Lag
5. Auto-aim that lags. The stupidiest thing ever: an auto-aim system that is affected by lag with no option to turn it off if you're too laggy.

It's a game where the game plays for you. The game aim for you. Then when you get enough kills, you call the copper and the chopper kills for you. You don't even play anymore, you just sit there and let the choppers kills for you.

When you're playing a game, shouldn't you be playing the game, and not the game playing it for you?

In conclusion, BF:BC2 is better.

thewhoopimen2766d ago

here's my one worst thing about call of duty: It's overdone.

Blacktric2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I only care about one. Which is; it's being developed by Treyarch which belongs to Activision which's CEO is Bobby Kotick who is the satan himself.

Snakefist302766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Ive Been Thinking since I joined N4G Guys Y do u hate call of duty so much Its a good gam In my country call of duty is famous we use hav lots competitions its lots of fun.We no tat high price and timed exclusive DLC is wrong but y all the hate.Pleazz tell me

Downtown boogey2766d ago

Sounds almost like something we humans speak.

Karl Marx2766d ago

He said he was from another country Downtown boogey. Give him a break. You don't make yourself seem clever from the comment, just ignorant.

@Snake We hate this game because they give us the same game every year and all they care about is money not their fans. Also Activision's CEO Bob Kotick is the greediest man I've seen in gaming.

XactGamer2766d ago

1. Activision
2. Activision
3. Activision
4. Activision
5. Activision

PMR_212766d ago

1. Sucks
2. Sucks
3. Sucks
4. Sucks
5. Sucks

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SynysteR2766d ago

The immature fan base that it has unfortunately attracted..

Don't get me started on everything else..

cobraagent2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

MW2 is the worst thing not only in the CoD franchise but also in gaming. Why? Because it is a mediocre broken title that outsold every single game this generation(except some Wii titles). Don't be surprised if you see hunderds of games like this in the coming years. MW2 showed to the industry that gamers are prepared to pay 15$ for 3 maps Activision and Kotick will ruin gaming...

BeOneWithTheGun2766d ago

It keeps 20 million snot nose brats away from the games I play.

geoholyhart2766d ago

Seriously. The little kids are worse then Halo (not by much though). I'll stick with games where more then 50% of the mic userbase aren't vulgar, racist, sexist, under-aged kids.

DarkSpawnClone2766d ago

umm that was a short article not telling us any thing new it was more like a list rant lol...wheres the real news ?

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