The Lamest Game Villains of All Time goes beyond the news to present in-depth, intelligent and though-provoking feature articles on every aspect of gaming today. Today they present the lamest video game villains of all time.

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fastrez2887d ago

Liquid Snake is awesome dude. The fightr on top of Metal Gear Rex is ace andeven after he clearly should have been killed, he chases you in a jeep. Total badass...

Conloles2886d ago

Lol he looks like a cheesy character

Cevapi882886d ago

you NEVER put something MGS related anywhere close to the word just dont do it

mikeslemonade2886d ago

Saren from Mass Effect 1 is the lamest boss. As good as Mass Effect 1 was, the main villian was a push over. He wasn't the least bit intimidating.

Blacktric2886d ago

Wait... Liquid Snake is lame? No offense Nowgamer I seriously like you but WTF. He is one of the best villains of all time... ONE OF THE BEST VILLAINS OF ALL TIME! /kanyewest

Razmossis2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )


Edit: Actually Ocelot is ^^

blind-reaper2886d ago

You beat me Razmossis I was going to say exactly the same, in my opinion Ocelot > Liquid in the same way Big Boss > Solid Snake

saint_john_paul_ii2886d ago

i think Ocelot was more of a hero than a villan...

Rashonality2886d ago

i think he said he's lame cuz liquid looks like a villain out of some B-Movie from the 80's

still....lame list

fastrez2886d ago

Yeah Ocelot is much better. The guy even says that Liquid is lame WHEN COMPARED to Ocelot. Read the damn article guys...

sonicsidewinder2886d ago

Well said. What a foolish thing to say! If Liquid was not there, it wouldn't be Metal

"Les Enfants Terriblés!!!"

Nihilism2886d ago

Yu-Yevon in FFX, oh noes it's some flying rocks, HAAAALP!

DatNJDom812886d ago

Lamest N4G articles of all time. Guess what. This one is in it.

HolyOrangeCows2886d ago

Dr. Robotnik is epic. LEAVE DR. EGGMAN ALONE! /crocker

Lucifer in Dante's Inferno is crap. Lame design, lame dialect, lame everything.

ProjectVulcan2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Liquid is BRILLIANT. Kojima watches enough movies to realise that the bad guys with english accents are always the best....

FACTUAL evidence2886d ago

They need to take Seymore down! I haven't seen a good antagonist since in a FF game since FF10!

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Silly gameAr2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

The Joker in Batman AA was a horrible boss fight. The build up was better than the showdown. If he would have cut his fingernails and spent less time talking s**t with his back turned to me, he might have stood a chance. He looked kind of silly too. Loved the game, but that was one of the lamest bosses ever imo.

fastrez2886d ago

Agree, good villain, horrendous boss fight :/

Rocket Sauce2886d ago

Yeah, I don't understand how such a great game can take such a monster nose-dive at the end.

2886d ago
jeenyus2886d ago

Meh... Adding Liquid there is just retarded. But this ain't IGN or any serious site, so it's cool.

LeonSKennedy4Life2886d ago

Mecha Hitler?!?

That's one of the coolest boss battles in history!

Rocket Sauce2886d ago

It's amazing what he had to say about Mecha-Hitler...

"It’s simply too ridiculous to take as any kind of threat."

Is it? Is Adolf Hitler wearing a giant exoskeleton loaded with guns really ridiculous? REALLY????

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