GameSpot: Transformers: War for Cybertron Review

Leveling up your Transformer to become a robot master is an addictive experience, and though you'll experience many of the annoyances from the campaign, it's much easier to ignore these issues when you're surrounded by nine other players. If the core gameplay could have matched the well-used license, Battle for Cybertron would have been something special. But there's still fun to be had for people eager to scratch their nostalgic itch.

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Chuk52915d ago

I can't see how this got a 6.5 their complaints weren't all that valid.

HolyOrangeCows2915d ago

"Boss fights are incredibly tedious"
"Friendly and enemy AI is poor"
aren't valid comments for a 6/10 game?

Danteh2915d ago

gamespot is much more reliable than IGN, they hand 9's like candy

Chuk52915d ago

In context of the WFC itself, having played it for several hours, those complaints do not hold up IMO.

Imperator2915d ago

It's a good game, and a great Trasnformers game, probably the best. Personally, I'd give it a solid 8/10.

JohnnyMann4202915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

....if that was even remotely the case. Boss fights are tedious if you hate thinking....because they require a strategy. Friendly AI is not poor but makes a mistake here and there. In battle they are fine. Enemy AI is only poor on easy...which makes sense.

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ABizzel12915d ago

Wow. I wasn't expecting grand reviews, but here's a stark contrast. IGN 9/10, GS 6.5/10, 1up B+ or 8.9/10, GI 8.5/10.

I guess GS is the oddball out. I don't think the game is as good as IGN says, but I think it's enjoyable and a good game for any Transformers fan which is all they've been asking for.

Overall 8.3

playstation_clan2915d ago

9.0 from ign or 6.5 from gamespot. Lets play the wheel of over-rated site reviewers. and wham, i pick neither

deadreckoning6662915d ago (Edited 2915d ago )

I trust IGN more than Gamespot. Gamespot gave Prototype an 8.5 and I felt that was too high of a score.

@Postedup- I actually read game reviews AFTER I've finished a game to see if the reviewer shares my opinion.

PoSTedUP2915d ago


i dont look at game reviews anyway (i "look" at them but dont take them into consideration at all), i know most of the time before a game comes out whether i am going to buy this right away or wait till the price comes down or wait a few years. a game that i have been looking at for a while or am anticipating, i get it, period. and any other game i wait a year or two until i scope it on the shelf and i realized i havent played it yet and its only $15.

Chuk52915d ago

He's a good reviewer and someone how appreciates polish and detail which this writer from gamespot apparently does not.

lpfisher2915d ago

Transformers is definitely an 8, minimum.

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