Why girls like 2D video games

Most of the girls I know play 2D games because they’re easy. The games, not the girls.

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Lucent Beam2767d ago

Sounds like the author was too inept to learn to control a dual analog game so she assumes all girls are like that...? I disagree basically with everything the article says. Most girls "tuned out" as gaming progressed because they beaome "normal teenage girls" who didn't seem to play many games, not because the changing control methods of gaming scared them away. Also, clearly boys loves collecting too or else achievements and trophies would not be so popular. To answer her question "am I completely off base?" ....yes, I think you are.

Quagmire2767d ago

Because its easy enough for them to play whilst making a sammich in the kitchen.

Lol, joax, but i can feel a few disagrees coming along... soz

BBAM2766d ago

but bubbles for guts and light-hearted humour

lil boy blue2765d ago

Quagmire that was a beast joke I'm gonna use it in some sometime.

Titanz2767d ago

New Super Mario Bros Wii sales prove that statement.

ShinMaster2767d ago

New Super Mario Bros Wii is not 2D. And not it's not "so true", it's a vague generalization.

ShinMaster2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Why disagree? New Super Mario Bros Wii isn't 2D. It's side-scrolling, but in 3D.

And what I meant by vague generalization, I was referring to the article saying "women prefer 2D games".
I've known a few that play mostly 3D games and one of them is my wife, who enjoys games like GOW, Demon's Souls, Final Fantasy, Katamari and MGS.

MaxXAttaxX2766d ago

Granted. Not all 2d games are easy, in fact a lot of them can be harder than 3D games.

Seferoth752766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Your comment kinda proves you never played it. Its one of the harder Mario games out there. They could make it harder because they included the help feature for people with little skill. Makes the game so even a Sony gamer could play it.

ShinMaster2766d ago

Were you responding to me?
If so, then yes I have played NSMBWii. And I have been playing Mario games since the first one, my favorite being SMB3, which was harder than both of the New SMB games.
But I'm also a Sony gamer as much as I am a Nintendo gamer.

MaxXAttaxX2766d ago

He seems a little angry toward Sony gamers for some reason, turns everything into an anti-sony argument. Maybe he's envy lol
Don't mind the fanboys.

MysticStrummer2766d ago

At least Sony gamers know your name is spelled incorrectly.

Seferoth752765d ago

Poor kid... Too bad for you I have a valid reason for spelling it this way. Though I dont have to prove it to you or even get your approval to use it.
Sad that is what you thought would be a decent come back.

On the plus side 4 ppl disagree with you. I have a little more faith in this site now

R0me2765d ago

Sad no one has a chance versus diehard nintendo fanboys, who really think mario games are hard. I didnt play it, but I saw an 14 year old playing it on live stream at Sorry man, it isnt hard. Its maybe hard if you compare it to the other mario games.

Play Demon's Souls if you want a real hard game. It has no help, so it will be impossible for a Nintendo gamer to play.

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BubblesDAVERAGE2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

Games are very easy...

Transporter472766d ago

and then tell me they are very easy

DigitalHorror812766d ago

Don't forget the old school Mega Man.

I'm 28 and it STILL kicks my ass.

darkdoom30002766d ago

Megaman disagrees with your statement, bubbles.

na-no-nai2765d ago

ninja gaiden also pretty hard. i played it again after so many sooo many years have past. and i have a hard time with it lol

Ron_Burgundy2766d ago

not true, they're not popular on xbox

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