Rumor: Microsoft Rep Says Kinect Not $150 - Gives New Price

Xbox Evolved:

"Apparently even the Microsoft representatives to Gamestop can't figure out the real price of Kinect. "

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playstation_clan2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

thats like the cost of just over 2 years of xbox live. tsk tsk. can you say, broke 360 owners. I wont be surprise if we see less 360 fans by the end of this year LOL

EDIT: @disagree, come over here skittles. Im having a blast today LOL

valanceer2943d ago

what 360 fans? they're on there new broken slim 360.... lol

Xeoset2943d ago

Kinect: 4 players for $119
Move: 4 players for ((4 x $80) + $40)

Just sayin'...

Bhai2943d ago

Don't think there would ever be a 4 player thing happening like ever on these HD consoles (even if the option is still there) and also tht if there are ever going to be 4 adults standing in front of the kinect, man... ahaahahahahha they're gonna hit and punish each other real hard... not to mention break a few decoration pieces or give certain opportunities to a possible gay fellow among them heeheehee.

Really, of all the let downs and stuff, this alone MS has pointed out to face Move which has equal popularity even being not promoted all along the past year at all.

Xeoset2943d ago

Dear Bhai,

That was not ignorant at all.


Hitman07692943d ago

I love you skittles!!!!!!!!

georgeenoob2942d ago

Lmao at this fanboy doing what he typically does. Troll,troll,troll the internet day and night.

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bioshock12212943d ago

That would be less than the Playstation Move yet no one is saying that is expensive.

ABizzel12943d ago

Well PS Move is $50 for the controller, you don't need the navigation controller because you supposedly can use a Dual Shock 3 in it's place (It's been said, but I haven't seen it yet.) And if you don't have the PS Eye then you can buy one for only $30.

$80 is cheaper then $120. Move is only expensive if you want 4 controllers and nav's. Which then cost $310 (aka another PS3). But the PS3 can only have 7 controllers used at once (last time I checked) so does that mean you con only have 3 full move controllers going on at one time?

FarEastOrient2943d ago

Yes you can only have 4 Player Move controllers on at the same time or you can have three people playing with each a Move controller and one PS3 Nav.

seij5552943d ago

Not to mention Move games are 40$ while Kinect games are the full 60$

elpresador2943d ago

Kinect games are looking to be $40, not full price.

To others, a $150 kinect, $150 arcade, maybe $30 at most for a 16 gig usb stick instead of a HDD is cheaper than a $299 PS3 with 4 $50 butt plug only which would be $499

sonnyz2943d ago

OR... I'll just continue to use my Wii for these party games.

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HolyOrangeCows2943d ago

LOL, is anyone REALLY going to care what the price is?

Are you going to buy Kinect for Kinectimals? Kinect Sports? Dance Central? On-rails Star Wars? Milo? Some Yoga game? Video chat that you could do with a computer and a $5 webcam?

Lucent Beam2943d ago

Yeah, it's kind of sad that something that could be perceived as a cool tech is only going to end up with crap for games on it.

ArmrdChaos2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

What do you care? Your obviously not going to buy it. It's not like you are dropping $600 on a video game system. Why are you in this thread? Fighting the good fight in some imaginary war? So who is winning in this little world of yours?

HolyOrangeCows2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Tell me more, Dr. Phil. Have the Do I dyslexia, too?

Just pointing out that the software is more important than the price and that it is lacking.


"It's not like you are dropping $600 on a video game system."

Let's do some math, shall we?

Launch 360: $400
Xbox Live charges since launch: $50 x 5 years = $250.
Total price for 360 so far: $650

Damn, looks like you've spent MORE than $600 for a video game console! That's not even counting your replacement consoles and required accessories.

Milamber2943d ago


Launch PS3 - $599

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ScarT2943d ago

Made my day. Bubbles for you Sir!

ReservoirDog3162943d ago

You know, all the people who don't care about Kinect should just not comment. I think it would be better that way.

Erotic Sheep2943d ago

That would only leave 10 people in this article then :P

ReservoirDog3162943d ago

Haha, at least there wouldn't be useless fighting right?

beardpapa2943d ago

I still think they're waiting until production costs go down to announce price. If they announce it now (assuming it's expensive at this point in time) it'll completely kill the marketing hype it's gathering at the moment.

ArchangelMike2943d ago

The fact that they're not making an announcement is causing confusion, and likley stopping ppl from pre-ordering Kinect.

beardpapa2942d ago

i thought there was an article few weeks ago about how kinect preorders on amazon are skyrocketing?

BubZ-SkullY2943d ago

yh whatever the price, it'll still be too much

archemides5182943d ago

it is too much but suckers who pay for online will pay for anything

avengers19782942d ago

MS probably does not know what to charge for it, and the first price they gave had people complaining already... IF this price doesn't get the pre-orders coming in they may have to just bite the bullet and lose money on it.
Witch they will any way.

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Lucent Beam2943d ago

I know that's only a little bit cheaper than $150, but I still don't know if that would be low enough to make me think it's NOT a rip off....

FarEastOrient2943d ago

At $119, the camera would be sold at a lost, not only in producing the thing. Including the cost of the marketing the lost would be even bigger...

This includes the cost of buying the company that produced the technology so that Microsoft use the patents. $149.99 is great for the product but bad for the consumer...

lzim2943d ago

welcome to selling CES, you sell the base hardware cheap and make money on services and in this case games. Given there aren't any games, what other option is there but to rape the early adopters?

Seece2943d ago

?? Do you work for Microsoft?

I very much doubt it, so how would you have any clue as to how much this is costing them?

Oh it cost MS $35 mill to buy that company ... chump change.

lzim2942d ago (Edited 2942d ago )

@Seece, please recall Xbox blew BILLIONS until 360 and scamming, despite piracy put the platform into the black. you don't need to work for the company to access public information.

the issue here is that software sells a platform, and service.. not just dumping a clone of Wii motion control based on a EyeToy rip off camera (oddly lacking manual controls with buttons, meaning more R&D and more money wasted on something people don't care about owning), because.... for emphasis... is isn't just the device we'll be buying, at any price, but the games and service!!!!

AFTER it launches and has made some money, more games will appear and hopefully manual controller with button for 'hybrid' games for the core people who don't give a flip about a silly belly flop into motion control by Microsoft to have something to market their 'new' 'slim' console, that still inexplicably lacks bluray support. Given the 100gig+ disc it is almost gutt bustingly hilarious that MS jumped the gun on 360 S because they could have had Bluray AND double the disc space to really pee on Sony's parade. Would it have costed money to add 100 gig bluray. yes chump change compared to Kinect and making games no one wants. would people buy it versus Kinect? in the hort term.. big yes. In the next couple of years 360 S featuring 100+ gig bluray, 3D support and a beafier GPU to run higher resolutions (think Apple displays) would be future proof for relatively cheap money (versus a new console).

ArchangelMike2943d ago

The available software will determine if Kinect is a rip off. I saw an article that Peter Molyneux may consider making Black and White for Kinect, now there is a game that will sell the system to the hardcore.

lzim2942d ago

the quote was that he thought it would be cool, as in him as a person, not Microsoft, or Lionhead.

It would be good to see it happen too, but if it is just a thought in his head, add 4-5 years for it to be a reality, AFTER Fable III.

Blaze9292943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Ehhhh...still too much for me IMO. I rarely buy any "add-on" for over $99.99 - I don't care if it makes me breakfast - It's still optional and anything optional is not vital in me continuing to enjoy my 360 any less.

On a side what's up with Kinect games being priced at $59.99? Please


VVVV-- lol

Lucent Beam2943d ago

If Kinect cooked me breakfast, you can bet your ass I would buy it for $99.

SpLinT2943d ago

if Kinect gave me a BJ , you can bet your ass I would buy it for $98

fr0sty2943d ago

it is too much, but there is one fact that remains. they'll still hold the bundle price advantage unless sony cuts ps3's price. an arcade bundled with that full price is still $320, whereas Sony wants $400 for a move bundled PS3. IF they plan on breaking into the homes of the casuals, it's gonna need to come down more than that.

rwarner1742943d ago

When will people learn that the starting price just doesn't matter. They will both be cheaper in a year. The point isn't to make it cheap enough for everyone to buy day one. The point is to milk as much money for the demand as you can. So if they think they can charge 150$ without having them sit on the shelves than they will.

DuneBuggy2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

If it turns out to be $119.00, I'd bet we see a $299.00 360 bundle with Kinect.

TheViper2943d ago

Gotta be careful here. Sony said the Move bundle would be under $100 and it turned out to be $99. Cheaper than $150 could just mean $149.

Though I'll say a range between $99 and $129 when it releases.

AridSpider2943d ago

yeah that was pretty much expected yet funny.