Alan Wake Gets a Price Drop

For Xbox 360 owners who still have not played Alan Wake, now is the chance as the game drops the price from the original $59.99 price point.

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logikil2944d ago

The game was worth it at its original price. MS screwed the pooch with it. With good advertising or a more steady flow of information beyond simply saying the game was pushed back again and again, that game would have done just as well as something like Heavy Rain. MS has no one to blame but themselves for the slow sales. They have backed much more ridiculous games that had a lot less chance of success.

TotalPS3Fanboy2944d ago

It's a shame no one is buying this game at all. 360 gamers loved to hype up this game on N4G, but when it comes time to buy it, no one wants to.

360 gamer: Yeah, Alan Wake is the best game this generation!
PS3 gamer: You gonna buy it?
360 gamer: No. I rather buy Red Dead Redemption. But Alan Wake is still the best game this generation though, just that I am gonna buy Red Dead Redemption instead.
PS3 gamer: I buy both Heavy Rain and Red Dead Redemption.

Imperator2944d ago

It's a very good rental, but that's about it. It's unfortunate that the game failed to live up to both commercial and critical expectations.

CWMR2944d ago

It was well worth it at the original price. It was easily one of the best single player experiences I have had this generation.

ABizzel12944d ago

$10 is not enough for me to consider. I liked the concept of having it run like a TV series, but the game wasn't up to par with my expectations. Everything delivered except the gameplay it wasn't bad at all just not $60 worth or $50, maybe $40.

$30 = Day 1 for that price

Game13a13y2944d ago

guess that's because nobody is buying it in its original price?

zeeshan2944d ago

I waited for ALAN WAKE for years! Really, I thought this game would really take things to the next level but after I played it, I just couldn't stop feeling bored. It was the same thing over and over again. IMO, it was NOT worth $60 at all.

Sarcasm2944d ago

I still need to rent this.

dangert122944d ago

it was worth it before but the cheaper the better

Weaksauce11382944d ago

Awesome game, hopefully this new price point will get more to enjoy its awesomeness. Thankfully my enjoyment of it isnt conditional to its sales figures, which of course we have no clue of since NPD's havent even been released.

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MightyMark4272944d ago

Worth the price for anyone who have not played the game yet

Yi-Long2944d ago

... along with some other recently new games, but I won't be picking it up...

I don't know. When it was first announced it all looked amazing, and in the end they kinda went a different way with it and it just looked a bit boring to me.

I'll probably pick up Battlefield BC2 and World Cup today, also for 19 euro each.

Yi-Long2944d ago

... bought Alan Wake anyway. Battlefield was sold out, and they sold the Alan Wake Limited Collectors Edition (book!?) for 19 euro as well, so it seemed like an OK deal.

-EvoAnubis-2944d ago

That was quick. Wonder why? Are 360 owners not buying this game? If I had a 360, I'd've bought it! Well, now there's no excuse. This game needs to be played!

jdktech20102944d ago

I thought about it but too many games coming out and already out that I have to play through between Starcraft 2, Halo Reach, etc....just thinking ahead and saving money

Sounds like a good one though

MightyMark4272944d ago

Well for fans of the survival horror genre, then Alan Wake is a MUST get

Mr Marbles2944d ago

I recommend playing it in the dark. I like how long the game is, made me feel like I got my moneys worth.

MightyMark4272944d ago

playing in the dark adds up the "Scary" atmosphere in the game

NMC20072944d ago

I have 1 achievement left for Alan Wake, awesome and engaging game.

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