COMPUTEX Taipei 2010 Booth Babes Gallery

J Lynch: "COMPUTEX Taipei, which used to be called and sometimes still s referred to as the Taipei International Information Technology Show is just like every other trade show in gaming and technology. ... Check out this year's COMPUTEX 2010 booth babes."

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vgn242918d ago

sum dem could rival E3 from this year. Wouldn't mind being there.

Blacktric2917d ago


BattersUp2917d ago

that comes off a little racists.

Blacktric2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Yellow fever is racist? I thought guys say it to show their love for Japanese girls :S...

Edit: From Urban Dictionary

"1. A term usually applied to white males who have a clear sexual preference for women of asian descent, although it can also be used in reference to white females who prefer asian men. 2. An infectuous tropical disease carried by mosquitoes."

Learn your facts right then disagree.

PS3istheshit2917d ago

Kinda racist again how you put the 2nd definition of urban dictionary on there aswell -_-

Blacktric2917d ago


"A mental disease that afflicts the Wapanese, the fanboys, and the otaku. Symptoms of this condition are;
(a) A sexual obsession towards females of Asian descent.
(b) An obsession towards Asian media and entertainment bla bla bla"

Again its nothing different than what I meant. But you are still getting it as an insult. I said it since I like Japanese culture and of course Japanese chicks. There is nothing racist about calling this as "Yellow Fever" and yet you are still ignoring the facts. Read those right. There is nothing racist about giving a name to "love for Japanese culture (and women)".

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PS3istheshit2917d ago

uh i mean get a girlfriend

GunShotEddy2918d ago

So juvenile. ....... fap fap fap. Guilty as charged.

BeaRye2918d ago

we're all guilty brother. There's something about babes and technology that mix up just right you know.

VG_Releaser2918d ago Show
TwistdKarma2918d ago

I see what they did there with that acronym.

iMaim2917d ago

asian chicks sre hot~

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