Guerrilla Tour of "Uncharted Heaven"

Ironstar writes: "Just recently we toured Naughty Dog's incredible studio where all the magic happens. Visiting "Uncharted Heaven" was truly a one-of-a-kind experience that we were blessed to be given."

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I loved Uncharted. Haven't gotten around to playing Uncharted 2. God, I know I'm missing out on your gift to gamers. :'(

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I just got Uncharted the other day and have to say that its just as good as Uncharted 2. Now I can finish the second game and hope to a Third one in the future.

cmrbe2798d ago

From the drake quote undersea first shot to the shaky cam and the opening of the coffin. It was mysterious and exciting at the same time because i had no idea what the game is about and the characters are new. In a way this is why U1 had a bigger impact than U2 for me personally.

I couldn't believe when the pirates arrived and i was playing it in real time.My Jaw literally dropped.

That was when i relalise that next gen has arrived.

What scared me even more was that it got even better as i get further along the game. Everything was unbelivable. The sound track, the platforming, the annimation, the voice acting, the graphics, the lighting, the wet cloth physics, the water the story, the humor, did i mention graphics?.

Still up to now its still better than most games out.

Skyreno2798d ago

lucky ******** lol that heaven over there >> i wish i was there :(

lizzbeester2797d ago

I agree with u! God the pangs of jealousy!! :P

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