New information emerges about the protagonist in Crysis 2.

A recent Q&A on G4TV has revealed that we will not be playing Nomad, not Prophet, but a soldier called Alcatraz.

Alcatraz “inherits” the Nanosuit 2, and then puts saving New York as his main objective. However, some unofficial reports say there is a chance Alcatraz may have actually stolen the suit, and you’ll be fighting CryNet systems who are trying to get their suit back, as well as you trying to take down the alien occupation.

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Letros2947d ago

Hmm, I wanted Nomad back...

djsean2947d ago

Same. Its jut not the same without Nomad.


Xfanboy2947d ago

Wow so we are actually being the bad guy!!! yes!!!

djsean2947d ago

Is it the only game that you are the bad guy? Been a while since you can be the villian.