New Report: The Multimedia Future of Next-Gen Game Consoles Remains Uncertain

“Today’s next-generation games consoles such as the Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 are true digital multimedia powerhouses,” said Dale Gilliam III, director of primary research and author of the report. “Yet very few of these devices are connected to the Internet and, even though these same platforms may feature a high-definition DVD playback system, very few consumers are using them for non-gaming media applications.”

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Dramscus2943d ago

"Though the majority (80%) own a console capable of playing DVDs, only 30% stated that they owned a console that it actually enabled DVD playback – a fact that demonstrates how poorly many consumers understand the capabilities of today’s game consoles and a major barrier to persuading consumers to start using these platforms for non-gaming media consumption. "

So basically 70% of console owners are idiots. Good to know.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Well I don't use mine for anything. Ever since the PS2's prime time finished my interest in gaming began to die thanks to all the rubbish games of this gen.

I'm gong to stay in for awhile to see if things change around but if they don't then I'm done for good.

Gaming needs to go back to it's routes that's all.

@Below: I know this is kinda off topic but it's linked to it..

Dramscus2943d ago

This article was about consoles not being used to watch dvd's on.

ForROME2943d ago

Thank YOU! I stated some of this stuff in 2006 and 07 about the PS3, people didnt understand it, even though we tech boys CRY out loud how much a system can do we are of 20 million, the consumers past us are from 70-100 million they matter more than us because SONY MS and NIN make more money from them, then us

MetalFreakMike2943d ago

Blu-Ray is a must use feature in the PS3 and if you are not using it than your not getting the full use of the console. I do not even bother watching DVD's anymore even if they are upscaled because I am too used to Blu-Ray movies (Still waiting on that Back to the Future Blu-Ray set to be released). I pity anyone that does not use their consoles features or do not even know they have any.

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