Why do all video game comics suck?

As a gamer no doubt you've stumbled across many a comic book featuring your favorite videogame franchises. From Gears of War to Metal Gear Solid to World of Warcraft to Mass Effect, publishers across the comic book industry are tracking down the biggest gaming licenses, adapting game storylines or bridging the gap between releases. But there's one major, major problem we here at the 7th zone have learned over the years of covering these products – these comic books suck.

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RaymondM2918d ago

I'll have to call shenanigans on the Halo and Silent Hill comic. Halo was interesting, albeit it was delayed SO FRAKKING MUCH. but it was still decent.
Silent hill has a tougher track record IMO. The first comic volume "dead/alive" was good up until the last issue and the newest one wasn't very good.
I guess what i'm trying to say is that those comics were decent, but they sure didn't suck.

Good article btw, you seem to know your stuff.

ford10012918d ago

Thanks for that, i do now my stuff, ever since i was young i was a video gaming fanatic

Milamber2918d ago (Edited 2918d ago )

Mass Effect series was great. The books are good too.

Raypture2917d ago

source gives me a 404 but I"d say it's the adaption curse

usually when something is adapted the source is better because it's kind of like translation, the original message and intent is conveyed, but not as was originally inteded by the person who wrote it, now there are adaptions better than the source but more times than not it's the other way around.