Atlus' Favorite Hero Of Dotnia Is Shirtless Man-Cannon

3D Dot Game Heroes for the PS3 passed under the radar of a lot of gamers. Offering an incredibly solid Zelda-like experience, the game reveled in its retro-ness. It also offered the fun opportunity for players to build their own pixelated character.

Atlus USA challenged North American players of 3D Dot Game Heroes to make a "custom hero to end all heroes". Yesterday, they announced the winners of that contest.

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Newtype2796d ago

Wow, only if my PS3 was connected I'd get to download this

NecrumSlavery2795d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is awesome and fun. It brings me back to the 80's every time I play it. Pure retro nostalgia at it's finest!

Max Power2795d ago

I think you can download in on your computer, put it on a jump drive, and transfer it to your ps3.

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2795d ago