Gran Turismo 5 won't eat F1 2010 sales - Codemasters

Codemasters has told CVG that it is confident Sony's Gran Turismo 5 won't steal gamers away from its own F1 2010.

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stonecold12828d ago

gt5 will be huge and the name alone gt5 will easly will out sell f1 2010 sales big time?

jjohan352828d ago

LOL @ Codemasters! The ONLY reason I'm not buying F1 2010 is because GT5 will be released this November.

SynGamer2828d ago

I'm pretty sure the point of the Codemasters comment was that F1 2010 is targeting a specific audience. If you're an F1 fan you're going to no doubt pick up F1 2010 since it's dedicated to just THAT sport. GT5 is going to be great, and I'll be getting both, but I NEED my F1 fix and F1 2010 will cure that.

SasanovaS19872828d ago

im with syn. i love gt5, and will get it day 1, but f1 2010 looks sick, and sure will get it. it will go great with my g27

BISHOP-BRASIL2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

This F1 fan is with jjohan35. Not that I think GT5 is enough, or that it render F1 useles in anyway, it's simply because 1 game + G27 will eat out all of my gaming resources for November and December (those wheels price range is the equivalent of 350~450 US$ here in Brazil).

And I love F1 but I also love other kind of races, as FIA's own GT Championship, WTCC and specially WRC, as well as Stock Car (not so much NASCAR through, as I like road courses over oval tracks) all of which GT5 got covered, maybe not in it's most complete or licenced form, but covered anyway... And I'm not even talking about how much getting those top licences can be awesome! So F1 will have to wait 'till my wallet recover (or my G27 screams for more too loud that I can't hear my wallet or common sense).

On a totally off-topic side note, I wouldn't mind if Kazunori would made me need new pants and just unveil motorcycles for GT5 (I don't care if it means on release or plans to DLC) and bring some love of FIA's WRC and Dakar (suposing that the Toscana track actually means point to point races) KTM, Yamaha and BMW Motorrad motorcycles, they probably already have good licenced tracks, and also some FIM's GP toys when I feel like going even faster. Let's just hope that if my totally out of my a** guesses come true, Logitech don't come out of nowhere with a W27 handlebar that I'll need to sell my real motorcycle to get a fake one! LOL

Well, scratch that tracks part... I just remembered, whaever it don't have, I can do myself!

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NecrumSlavery2828d ago

GT5 is going to consume all of November and any game released then.

heroicjanitor2828d ago

Gran Turismo will obviously outsell it, but it won't take sales away from it. People who want a formula one game will get it, but they will also get gt5 along with millions of others who won't get F1.

huzzaahh2828d ago

I think that even without GT5's release date being so (in)conveniently placed, this game would have had mediocre sales.

Shang-Long2828d ago

well it wont. because people with one system will buy F1, if they want a new racer.

some people just dont want a ps3. for whatever reason. but if your a true racing fan and had a chance to play GT5 you would be crazy to miss this OUT

Micro-WAVE2828d ago

they wont eat it cause there gonna shit on it both sales and quality!!

ji32002828d ago



Arcade racer? Get the hell outta here!

Do you even know what F1 means?

SupeerSteebbi2828d ago

I think it's opposite day. Gran Turismo 5 WILL eat F1 2010 sales - Codemasters

karl2828d ago

are this guys going to release their racing game at the same time that GT5?


Sitdown2828d ago

Soooo, I am guessing that you did not read the article. Code Masters made a very legit statement....they were not saying that they would beat out GT5 in terms of sales, but that they are creating a different kind of game...that would still allow their fanbase to exist despite GT5.

huzzaahh2828d ago

They're in denial. GT5 will absolutely massacre F1 2010.

lelo2play2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

GT5 will be a big success, have no doubte, but GT5 and F1 2010 are not my type of car racing game. I'll take the new Need for Speed or Motorstorm 3 instead.

BeOneWithTheGun2827d ago

I was so pumped for Overlord 2 and when I finally picked up that abortion of a game I swore them off forever.

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NYC_Gamer2828d ago

GT5 will murder this game...

ThatCanadianGuy2828d ago

In reality tho, yes.Yes it will.

nefertis2828d ago

codemaster must be on damage control.

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