Dead Space franchise wont be 'diluted' - Visceral

Dead Space creator Visceral has promised fans that it won't over-stretch the franchise with spin-offs and brand extensions.

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play17boy2943d ago

Smart choice, I couldn't see a Dead Space game coming out every year that would be overkill.

sam22362943d ago

A bit too late to say that, eh? It's already been diluted with the inclusion of online multiplayer. Expect single player to be 4-6 hours long and everything focused on the shitty and tacked-on multiplayer.

I was really looking forward to DS2 as I absolutely love the first game, but as soon as they said it'll have MP, I dropped it from my list of games to buy.

play17boy2943d ago

Well lets hope this isn't the case because if it is it will be a shame.

sam22362943d ago

Yeah, we'll just have to wait and see. DS: Extraction being bundled with the game is pretty nice, though.

Kev20772943d ago

yeh i agree another example of this is lost planet 2

play17boy2943d ago

@sam2236 yea that's why I'm really hoping it retains all of the glory of the original game.

godslayer4292943d ago

dont doubt visceral games