Top 10 FIFA Soccer Goals of All-Time

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in full-swing on televisions around the globe we here at figured now was a better time than ever to dive into the top 10 goals ever scored in the sport of video game soccer (via an expansive YouTube search). This is something we have always been entertained by as there is nothing better than seeing a real-life soccer player put the ball into the net in the most amazing way imaginable. A couple goals from the 2010 World Cup already stand-out in our minds as having the ability to show people exactly why soccer is the most-popular sport on the planet (for examples watch the USA or Portugal matches). Because EA Sports has been doing a FIFA soccer game for decades now it comes as no surprise that the internet is full of videos claiming to be the "best and most amazing goal ever" - as journalists it was of course our job to do the dirty-work and figure out exactly which ones were good enough to make the top 10 list (with videos).

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UltimaEnder2795d ago

USA and England to win the whole thing - well to play in the finals......

Transporter472795d ago

i'm sorry to break your heart but USA is not going 2 win

bjornbear2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )


realistically either any of these:


Tomdc2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

England have a better chance than Spain and Germany imo. Germany definitely cannot be considered front runners they play some exciting stuff at times but aren't consistent enough.

I reckon Portugal will beat Spain soon.

spektical2795d ago

the best goal of all time goes to andres escobar on the own goal against USA 1994.


iamgoatman2794d ago

Wasn't he shot dead a short while later?

Goozay2795d ago

May very well be the worst top 10 list I've ever read, just check out EA's official videos. Such as:

@UltimaEnder you wish

@spektical did you know he got shot back home after that one?