The Problem with Kinect and Motion Controls


"As I was waiting on the hour and a half line that preceded my Kinect experience, I jotted down all kinds of notes and phrases to use in a vicious and vindictive article saying how much it sucked. I desperately wanted it to be broken and buggy, to have something that I could mercilessly make fun of, and this was even before I knew how much it was going to cost. A dirty secret of game writing is that it’s much more fun and much easier to write about something bad than something good."

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FlyWestbrook2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Article hits the nail on the head. The problem with motion controls is that it asks for too many exact motions. Gamers just want a controller.

Dramscus2888d ago

I like that move game where you have a sword and shield (in the demo I saw) and you just attack the other character. No boxed motions attached to gestures. Real 1 to one movements of swinging or blocking.

rkimoto2888d ago

Well, being an avid golf fan, I'm pumped to see a game that could potentially require exact motions when playing... If it can help my game while at the same time enjoying/playing a video game, then it will be more than welcome at home.

GamingForever2888d ago

Maybe we can have games where we actually stab or something with kinect...

halo4fan2888d ago

In the end, the problem with motion controls is the lack of physical feedback. Buttons give you absolute awareness.

Connoro2888d ago

Mm, I think that Kinect won't really work for the 360's demographic, as much as it is an inspiring piece of tech. Everything we've been shown seems more like a technology demo than an actual game, and I don't see any proper uses for it. I agree with the closing statements that somebody will find it worth the $150 price tag, but I doubt it'll be anyone who hasn't already got another console or past-time to amuse themselves with, or a die-hard Microsoft fan if those exist.

giantchicken2888d ago

I think the Move is built for the hardcore market. Not sure about other motion controls.

Sheikh Yerbouti2888d ago

I'm more interested in Move as the PS3's mouse essentially. I'm sure I would like it more in some games. I can see my self arm beside me on the couch playing Killzone.

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The story is too old to be commented.