OXCGN’s Split/Second: Velocity Review – It’s Explosion O’Clock!


"It seems to be a prerequisite for all new arcade racing games to use phrases in their press releases such as ‘adrenaline-filled’, ‘high-octane’ and ‘non-stop thrills’, as if the product they’re selling you is on par with the most explosive of blockbuster Hollywood films.

Some of these racing games deliver moments that live up to these descriptions, but most feel vaguely familiar, so that players feel like they’re playing a sequel to the last thrilling racer – just with updated graphics. Split/Second: Velocity not only delivers on the marketing quotes, it’s a completely visceral experience that at times borders on sensory overload."

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gaminoz2821d ago

I actually really liked the older Burnout games and this one sounds like it is kind of like that...only on steroids. Maybe too much going on?

BadCircuit2821d ago

I haven't played Burnout Revenge for awhile...I might have to get back into that.

This one sounds pretty intense!

XboxOZ3602821d ago

Yes, it's been a while, but this sounds like heaps of fun, and will certainly have to give it a bash when I get home from the US. While I prefer a sim or semi-sim, these are great to simply have some all out arcade fun on.

Godem2821d ago

Looks kinda interesting, but I don't think it would hold me for too long. think ill wait for GT5 to hit.. cos that looks amazing!

Belgavion2821d ago

I think you'd all like it, but you're right Godem, it may not hold your attention for too long. The AI as you play through Season no doubt leaves many players frustrated and they just give up, but if you give the game time and learn the best way to feather the throttle as you round corners then it becomes nicely addictive.

badkolo2821d ago

I just finished the game yesterday, graphics are hot, gameplay is insane.

the game is solid all around and I had a blast playing it.

its only downfall is the repetetive nature of the game.
but the tracks are big and long and the different types of races do vary.

XboxOZ3602821d ago

It's a great arcade smash-n-bash, which is what grabs many into this genre. Even hardened Sim fans love a bit of vehicular carnage every now and then . . .