Madden 11 Player Ratings: Top QB

The top 20 rated QBs (and a few more) in Madden NFL 11.

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dktxx22796d ago

Matt Hasselbeck and Matt schaub need big boosts. Schaub borders elite. Flacco need a big drop, so does Sanchez and Cambell. Palmer needs a little drop, and David Garrard is easily a top 20 QB. 84 a the least. Chad Henne is as well.

Ea needs to find a new ratings dude, whoever comes up with this isn't very in depth about his work.

Jamegohanssj52794d ago

Favre isn't number one. This shit isn't accurate.


DeFFeR2794d ago

Top 20? What are you smoking? Seriously... because I'd like to buy some and pretend that Henne throws well...

Have you even seen a dolphins game?

Just because the team has decent weapons around a player, doesn't mean that he'd be better for it.

MorganX2794d ago

Hasselbeck has been done for a couple seasons now. Schaub, yes.

simplyRealistic182794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Lmao, Matt Hasselbeck sucks, Matt Schaub deserve a boost is okay, Flacco is not that bad, Mark Sanchez needs an increase,Cambell need a little drop,Palmer is fine, Gerrad no ..just no

dktxx22794d ago

hasselbeck is a really good qb with a bad team with bad management. if you know anything about football, you know that. flacco is the definition of overrated. mark sanchez was babied all year and yet people think that he had anything to do with the jets success (or the chargers failure).

and garrard is an awesome qb and is easily the toughest qb in the league right now. he's an absolute playmaker and is one of the most clutch players in the league. but most people don't know that cause they never see him play, they just look at stats and think they know everything.

II Necroplasm II2794d ago

Favre should be in the top 3 after Brees and Manning. This is based off of the previous season...correct?

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Halochampian2794d ago

he is a top 10 qb. His stats show it. People cant argue that he played like a top 10 qb last season.

dktxx22794d ago

stats don't mean much. philip rivers, for example, has amazing stats. yet when it comes down to it, he never looks amazing when the game is on the line, in the 4th quarter, or in the playoffs. thats where elite qb's make their legend.

romo is a good qb, to be great he needs to take that one step and play better in clutch situations. thats all he's missing.

Halochampian2794d ago

he is still a top ten QB. I would even put him in the top 7. Last season was amazing for him. I can see him getting progressively better each season.

spektical2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Brees at 99? wtf, i'd give him a 95 at best.

VoicesInMyHead2794d ago

Funny how last year EA said they'd pump the ratings down and now it looks like they pumped em all the way up again...smh

simplyRealistic182794d ago

any QB who wins superbowl mvp get a huge boost

Corepred42794d ago

yeah but didn't they give him the cover. they should take like 20 points off for the madden curse this coming season.

foamychicken2794d ago

so browns, jags, and Eagles dont have QBs with ratings

Armyntt2794d ago

Yes you r correct they dont a have a qb worth any ratings.

WhiteWizzard2794d ago

Romo should be somewhere around a 92 or a 93. He played superb last year. Brees needs to be a 95 at best, he's not the perfect QB. Peyton needs a drop too.

simplyRealistic182794d ago

Brees and Peyton are the only 2 Qb who deserve anything above 95, i would say Brady also, but who knows how hes going to play this year, im saying this and im not even a Brees and Peyton fan


Sancez is better than Hennin, the only thing Sanchez is bad at is his decision making, but he is the most accurate Qb Rookie in the past 3 years,

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