Gears of War 3 Gameplay: Beast Mode - E3 2010

Ferocious video of the brand new Beast Mode.This video shows of Gears Of War 3 new Beast Mode where you get to play as Locusts attacking Cogs


Youtube as a website was not approved so this link takes you to the direct source.

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Independent_Charles2917d ago

yeah cant wait for this more game modes the better!

Dark_Vendetta2917d ago

It looks like a whole lotta fun! I'm really impressed.
Damn I somehow regret selling my launch console, I had a great time with Gears of War. Well maby I should get the new one, but seriously where the hell should I take the time to complete all those games?

Fanb0y2917d ago

You have time. Gears 3 comes out next year.

PS360PCROCKS2917d ago

Wait so you play as the locust? That's awesome! I wanna be the guy with the boom cannon. "BOOOMMMMMM MWAHAHAHA" so awesome

Sayai jin2917d ago

Oh yeah. Thats nice. I remember back when the first gears came out I was play against some guys from Germany and everytime I grabbed the boom shot they kept on saying " Das Boom Stick das boom stick no no no". They did not know you could use it and I kept on killing them. LOL

beans2917d ago

Looks amazing and tons of fun especially after being packed on with it's other multiplayer modes. This is how you do multiplayer and the reason I have such a great time on live.

xino2917d ago

who is approving all these articles man!?

i know new people are helping out in N4G, but they are not doing the damn job right!

the flag wrong articles, approve duplicate and old news
seriously man! we need more mods

Silly gameAr2917d ago

Man that looks pretty sick. Wonder if the tickers would be an alternative to nades for certain locust though. I don't think it would be much of a match if you only control a ticker unless you can use more than one after you explode. I want to be a beserker so I can rip people apart with my bare hands.

Looks like a pretty cool addition.

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The story is too old to be commented.