Metal Gear: 20 Years of Big, Bad Boss Battles

For 20 years, the Metal Gear bosses have been among the best in gaming. They've made Snake (Solid and Naked) as well as Raiden heroes worth playing, their games worth buying. In light of the recent Metal Gear 20th Anniversary party, GameSpot decided it was high time these under-appreciated anti-heroes got some recognition outside of a sniper scope.

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Mr_Kuwabara3977d ago (Edited 3977d ago )

But a shotgun for The Fear and an EZ gun for The Fury is just suicidal lol.

The End is my favorite of all and The Sorrow is just darn creepy.

For the people who want to know about The Sorrow, the people that you see on the river are actually soldiers that you killed throught the course of the game, if you slipt a soldiers throat he will be there, if you kill a soldier on a mountaintop and kill the vulture that's eating his inside the soldier will be there with the vulture still haunting him even in his death. The other boss' will also be in the river.

Just comes to say that the MGS series bosses are top notch when it comes to originality and even creative when it comes to killing them. If you haven't played any of these games before then damn you clearly don't know what you're missing.

ReconHope3977d ago

end was epic..yes. but the best battle was the boss vs snake....*starts crying*. Yeah the boss battle against sorrow was took me like 5 hours. i didnt know that you had 2 die to win.

Snake_Doctor3977d ago

MGS always has the awesome bosses. Hideo always seems to throw something in that is innovative (mantis, the sorrow) I wonder what MGS4 will have?
yeah that battle with the boss in the field of white flowers was tight. She kept whoopin my @ss with CQC so I had to lay down a few claymores to win.

Imalwaysright3977d ago

MGS series wouldnt be the same without the epic figths against the bosses. My favorite was the one against the End

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The story is too old to be commented.