Why there's no PS4 or Xbox 720 yet

The lingering recession and rising game development costs are partially to blame for the lack of new machines. As game systems have matured, the cost of making triple-A games has soared. Tent pole titles now cost (on average) between $20 million and $40 million -- and there are some extreme examples, like Rockstar Games' blockbusters "Red Dead Redemption" and "GTA IV," that have reportedly sailed past the $100 million mark.

Next-gen games will cost even more. With publishers struggling to achieve a profit in the current economy, no one is in a hurry to add to their expense sheet.

Console manufacturers are no different.

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SupeerSteebbi2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Because it's not time.
Edit: I read it wrong, sorry.

dangert122946d ago

the 360 nor the ps3 has reached the potential in gaming asepects or capbility's through adding services etc not eeven the wii has it can do mre then netflix and iplayer

piroh2946d ago

right now neither Cell nor Blu-Ray was fully utilized
PS3 has a long way to go
PS Move
20 exclusives per year
many more...

HammockGames2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

That's what it always comes down to.

There's a lot of money left to be made (or recouped) with the current crop of machines.

8800gtx2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

They have the people convinced that my predecessors are not yet maxed out.


radzy2945d ago

pc is already making the 360 and ps3 look like a 16-bit machine .

i'm starting to turn towards my pc again. i think its time to upgrade.

ColdFire2945d ago

I know, playing 720p, or sub-HD with no AA is painful for me. Just these alone make consoles look elderly.

Theonik2945d ago

Agreed. Won't be long either. 2012 is my guess based on previous gens.

Studio-YaMi2945d ago

Don't be stupid..
smart people know that PC can make better visuals & a lot more

but the real deal is in the first party developers !
get that into your head next time please.

If you have a really great piece of hardware with little "good" people to develop for,then people will go for something better.

Am not saying that people hate PC gaming,but in the early days,people did approach PC gaming more than now,PC gaming is going to die some day,and you can quote me on that,it's not because of PC hardware,it's because of it's games.

I know am going to get lots and lots of disagrees,but bah..whatever,do as you please :)

IaMs122944d ago

Im just going to add fuel to the fire :) but arent consoles starting to just become more and more like PCs now anyways? With all the services and upgrades. You know eventually consoles will be no different then a PC, just with a controller. The 2 are going to merge together.

AND if you want to get technical a console is a PC just with limitations. so PC FTW

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MariaHelFutura2945d ago

It`s not that simple, the resession happened at a bad time for the PS3,360 and Blu-ray. The Wii escaped it being such a low price.

8800gtx2945d ago

So why are my successors selling so well?


sid4gamerfreak2944d ago

PC is too far ahead of the consoles this gen. God 720p seems last gen now...

toaster2944d ago

It pretty much is last gen to me now. I've been playing at 1080p and higher with 60+ FPS without screentearing and high resolution textures. 4xAA, 16xAF and all that since around 2005.

ProjectVulcan2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

Online penetration leading to.......firmware updates. This is THE main difference between this generation and the previous. With more than half the owners of PS3 and 360 hooking their machines to a high speed internet connection, firmware updates have changed the game completely. The ability to add MAJOR features and increase the variety of functions allows consoles to at least keep closer to technology advancements. Sure the hardware is effectively static, but the software environment can be altered dramatically. Just looking at the HD consoles, their functionality has changed hugely since launch.

Especially PS3. Its barely recognisable as the console that launched, its all too easy to take for granted stuff like in game XMB, trophies, expanded bluray support, video upscaling, remote play, XMB wallpapers, Divx and other formats support, on demand movies/games, all the fiddly but crucial control and option updates etc. Many many other things, the list of things PS3 now does compared to what it could do when it was released is nothing short of mind boggling. This sort of software evolution means an obvious extension of lifespan. What next? Well 3D is a reality. On four year old hardware! Consumer 3D was a pipe dream in 2006.

Its a golden age for console gaming really, never had it so good and maybe we will see that looking back and be grateful. The value these machines provide now is immeasurably greater than they were at launch, which is why there has not been such a pressing need to replace them.

lagoonalight2945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

I agree but sadly it really is only for what you make of it. For gamers in general the wii is a sad option year in and out but that emulator is beautiful. The 360 has basically 4 franchises and the rest are PC able mostly. The PS3 is where the creativity is coming from and you are exactly right about it staying in the race because of expanded features. People moan about AA, and I'm one of them, but MLAA is the next best thing to FULL 8xAA (I personally don't think it quite matches 16x or even 8X in some respects) and it is making itself known for taking the processor load down while giving us some sort of jaggy reduction. With the SPU's being given full shovel here the PS3 is now in its golden age and that cannot be contested. The next three years are going to see the greatest console games bar none, and most will be exclusives or will be utilizing true lead on the PS3.

FreeFalling2945d ago

Most of those features were already existing on the Xbox 360...

[No flame intended, just putting it out there]

shoddy2945d ago

Next nextgen games will cost 100mil and take 10 years.

What's the rush we haven't finish with kz3, uncharted 3, ff13vs,
resistance 3.

lagoonalight2945d ago

I'm not sure if you realize how little devs who actually make the games get paid. Of course there are devs that make a ton but they are in the minority. These games cost what the people CHOOSE TO PAY THEMSELVES. No game on the market bar GT5 has costed 50 million in actual hard labor. It's the CEO's that are making out like bandits here.

ChozenWoan2944d ago

because some gamers wanted this gen to end so they could declare a winner... should have listened when they heard the words 10 year plan.

The next consoles wont be out till 2014 - 2015 due to both HD consoles going through a recent "platform relaunch". This means they are betting the next 5 years on their slim models along with their new motion control systems.

In other words, this console war is just getting heated up. So grab your banners, your swag, and your fact/sales sheets boys and girls. And lets get ready to...
Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuummmmmmm mbbbbbbbbllllllllllllle!

avengers19782945d ago

IMO There wouldn't be enough people willing to but a new console to justify coming out with one. Though I do feel MS needs a blu-ray drive they seem to be doing just fine without it. Rage looks amazing from the E3 footage and they mentioned it ran on a 360.

I feel that 5 more years maybe right.

Biggest2945d ago

The Wii is doing fine as well. But you can't compare what BluRay allows to what they (Wii/360) produce. Rage is very good. But it has already been proven to be lacking in a lot of areas in this early stage of developement. The lighting is supposed to be pre-baked and static. The onscreen action is downright tame. Those are things that would not be issues if there was more space allowed. Consoles in general are always held back by their inability to expand. The Wii and 360 are also held back by their small minimum storage. The one thing that all of the consoles SHOULD have against the PC would be the in-house developement teams. That alone is what makes console gaming important. If there were no in-house teams and everything was multi-platform and on a PC, of course everyone would choose the PC version.

gtamike2944d ago

ps3 games are still looking better and better E.G. GT5, Killzone 3

360 games have it the limit and alot are not even in 720p

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NYC_Gamer2946d ago

for what?this current gen hardware is fine...

tdogchristy902946d ago

I in no way look at this generation and say "hey, we need an upgrade." I'm definately satisfied for the time being.

TheLeprachaun2946d ago

Agreed, but not for too much longer. 2 years tops and I'll be looking forward to the next gen. Not so much for graphics but for better AI, bigger worlds, more interesting gaming experiences...

SOAD2946d ago

It costs a lot of money to bring out new hardware. Both MS and Sony have accrued a lot of losses on the hardware front, and if they've started making a profit on the consoles now, they might as well wait a few years so they can offset the losses.

I also think that Microsoft might want to wait as long as it can to see what kind of hardware Sony wants to bring out so they can try to match it, power-wise.

mikepmcc2945d ago

But even more so, it would cost an astronomical price to develop games for hardware twice as advanced. Sure, stuffing modern video cards and processors in new consoles would create huge possibilities, but the games to be made for them would have to be massive.

Donny2946d ago

we still have a long way to go before ps4 and 720.