Bungie considered making a proper Halo 4 instead of Reach

TVGB: "Hold on to your Spartan helmets, Halo fans. Bungie came *this* close to making a Master Chief-starring Halo 4."

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basicsameh5142945d ago (Edited 2945d ago )

master chiefs story never ended

dangert122945d ago

to be honest it is halo four its just not to hot master chief

its like cod 4 mw and then there was mw2 which was cod 6? i believe

SixZeroFour2945d ago

nope i see this as more of metal gear raiden (halo reach) and metal gear solid (halo #) is the main franchise...halo [insert number] has to include master cheif as the main charater, just like metal gear solid [insert number] must involve snake (right? i havent played any of the mgs games, but thats what i hear)

dangert122945d ago

Its the fourth halo game

and that is the 6th metal gear simple as

SixZeroFour2945d ago

reach is actually technically the 6th halo game, or 5th by bungie

Spydr072945d ago


I get what you're saying but it's not the best analogy since Solid Snake wasn't really that involved in two MGS games (one followed Naked Snake, the other was more about Raiden). I think the article does Halo a slight disservice because it in a way says, "This is just a knock-off Halo title and not quite up to the quality you'd expect." And as MGS has shown, the main character doesn't really have to be involved to make a quality title with the franchise name.

IHateYouFanboys2945d ago

you guys have no idea what youre talking about.

Bungie are saying they almost made Halo 4 as in 'the sequel to Halo 3', ie. it picks up where Halo 3 left off.

Reach is a true Halo game, in the Halo 1/2/3 timeline, but its set SHORTLY BEFORE Halo: Combat Evolved (or Halo 1 in other words). so as you can see its a true halo game, but its NOT a sequel to Halo 3 because its set BEFORE Halo 3. its a PREQUEL to Halo 1.

SixZeroFour2945d ago


thats what im saying...dangert12's argument was that halo reach IS halo 4 and i was proving that halo reach ISNT halo 4 cause it doesnt follow the main story of master chief and where halo 3 ended off...and why i said it was like the metal gear raiden of the halo series, cause metal gear raiden itself is a full game as part of the metal gear franchise, but doesnt follow the main story

i know halo reach is a full game, odst wasnt really (but still believe it was more than an expansion) and a halo 4 game would...

...follow what happened to master chief after he got awaken from the cryochamber once again, this time by cortana and what planet he was headed towards

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Cajun Chicken2945d ago

Oh. That's disappointing. I would have liked to see the ending of Halo 3 resolved earlier.

jdktech20102945d ago

Dangert12....reading comprehension saves lives.

While it technically is the 4th game in the main series (not ODST or Wars), it's story has nothing to do with the story of Halo 3 and instead is a prequel leading up to Halo: CE

I'm actually a fan of not having a Halo 4. I think it gives a good place for 343 to take off with the franchise and start molding it how they want to because any game developer that is forced to make something the way a previous developer did will not make a good game

IWentBrokeForGaming2945d ago

MS's paychecks are going to bring Halo 4... better believe that!

ElementX2945d ago

Um... MS has another studio working on Halo, so your comment doesn't make sense.

spunkee3112945d ago

Either way having a new Halo will be welcoming. I really thought the multiplayer beta was great. And can't wait to play the new campaign with my friends.
As for a Halo 4? I hope Bungie down the road decides to do one and not the other companies nipping at the feet of Microsoft to take over. Halo is Bungie's Baby and it only seems fitting for them to continue on.

SixZeroFour2945d ago

i would also prefer bungie to do it, cause of how close they work with their community...but 343 is handling halo as far as i know, and frank o connor (made the story of halo, i think) is part of 343

IaMs122945d ago

Lets hope down the road indeed, where when they announce it, its an explosion of a game lol. Like Twisted Metal for PS3, they havent seen it or ANY news for years and years, and thought it would never happen but BOOM it did!

Of course we all know it will happen sooner or later, just i hope its down the road so it will be well worth it

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