LiveWareNetwork Podcast: Episode 6 (Rush n Attack, Blade Kitten, Scott Pilgrim vs The World)

LiveWareNetwork or LWN is a podcast dedicated to downloadable games on Xbox Live, WiiWare, and PlayStation Network.

This episode of LiveWareNetwork checks out Rush n' Attack: Ex-Patriot, Blade Kitten and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game. Plus, our exclusive interview with Steve Stamatiadis, the man behind Blade Kitten live from E3. Jordan, Jamie, Alex and Darryl also round-up what they saw at E3, allowing them to perhaps change or reaffirm their opinions on certain games like Dead Nation and Hydrophobia.

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mephman2856d ago

Blade Kitten actually looks pretty fun, as does Dead Nation!

JDouglasGU2856d ago

agreed, Dead Nation is awesome

Coramoor_2856d ago

Brilliant podcast, definitely worth subscribing too and this weeks ep was especially good

Cajun Chicken2856d ago

Can't wait for Blade Kitten, I hear it isn't episodic now too.

mephman2856d ago

Na, it's still episodic. Steve confirms it in the show. There will be two parts.

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