Rumor: Medal of Honor X360 beta coming Monday

The Medal of Honor beta has stumbled out of the gate to say the least. Gamers who purchased Battlefield Bad Company 2 and pre-ordered Medal of Honor were supposed to be able to access the beta for MoH a few days before everyone else. Unfortunately that did not happen. In addition on the PC and PS3 versions the bugs and problems reported are abundant even for a beta. The Xbox 360 version of the beta still is not live. What was supposed to come the 18th of June is instead still not available here on the 25th. However that will change soon, so says a Gamestop employee.

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BakedGoods2947d ago

Since when do they know anything?

When I worked at EB Games we were told very little. If you didn't keep up with sites like N4G on your own, you'd never know what was going on.

AAACE52947d ago

What a coincidence... my wife just reserved it for me and brought the beta key in like 20 minutes ago! How ironic!

MGRogue20172947d ago

I don't trust Gamestop employee.. Do you? :/

playstation_clan2947d ago

but these are the same people that trust Microsofts hardware reliability too

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The story is too old to be commented.