Kinect: A Tragedy of Errors… With a Happy Ending?

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester takes a brutal swing at Microsoft's marketing and pricing strategy- whilst offering a controversial assessment of Kinect's importance to the gaming scene.

Lester writes: "Wow, this has been a bad week for Kinect… and it’s all about the money.

Kinect’s $150 price tag has been under constant attack from all sides these last few days… and even from within. Microsoft are apparently being wracked by internal disputes over whether to release their peripheral at a loss due to its huge manufacturing costs- and retailers and publishers alike are lining up to take their shots."

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Redempteur2767d ago

if you can use kinect & a controller .. what's the point ?

also kinect doesn't do minority report .. let's be clear ...
so far there is nothing with precision on far with the numerous other devices with "boutons" that are easier to handle for 99.99% of gamers and far more precise ..

Blues Cowboy2767d ago

Why use Kinect and a controller? Because it's possible to do so. It's up to the developers to decide whether to ignore Kinect, use it as a primary input system or integrate it alongside traditional controls.

ManBearPork2767d ago

When i see comments on articles about holding a 360 controller with kinect, people are screaming that most people don't want to hold a controller with one hand.
But when there's an article about the 2nd move controller people always say , we'll use the dualshock instead.