PlayStationLifeStyle : SOCOM 4 E3 Impressions

PlayStationLifeStyle : " SOCOM is one of my favorite PlayStation franchises, and I had the pleasure of playing the first console title in the series since SOCOM 2 to be created by Zipper Interactive. SOCOM is a series known for its deep tactical ramifications and realistic militaristic atmosphere. Does SOCOM 4 look to bring the series back to it’s roots, or might it just be another disappointing title for the series? "

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Cartesian3D2945d ago

it seems SOCOM 4 will be a Solid shooter game.. I haven't played any SOCOM game before, I will get this game just for having MOVE support and amazing MOVE controls...

zeeshan2945d ago

I haven't played Socom games either but SOCOM 4 looks great already. Defenitely gona get this one!

ElitaStorm2945d ago

i wanna play this game with Move <3

play17boy2945d ago

This will be my first SOCOM game, but I can't wait and playing it with the MOVE should make it even more fun. I mean look how awesome it looks already and they haven't even shown the online mode yet!

Newtype2945d ago

If this gets good ratings and alot of people playing...this will surely shut SukMyTurban for good. That guy is one annoying $%&*hole.

Newtype2945d ago

Not to be a Socom fanboy...but what really irks me is when someone calls themselves an oldschool Socom player when they have started at Socom II. Socom I was where it was at, Kahuna was the ORIGINAL SEAL team leader not Specter.

People complain how Socoms are not like Socom II, back in the day I HATED how they changed Socom in Socom 2. I really didn't like losing Kahuna, the old voice overs, the AKS-74 being turned weak, and etc.

I don't hate on Socom 4 though, that stuff then was a LONG time ago. Was like 13 when I started Socom.

bostoner2945d ago

Jigga Jigga jeah i love socom

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