PS3 Firmware 3.40 - What can we expect?

With the new PS3 Firmware 3.40, Users can subscribe the PlayStation Plus Service. But will Sony be adding more Features? Here are some, that maybe can be expected

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dangert122948d ago

playstation+ avalibility (safebet)

WhittO2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

lol ye we know thats on the way.

But like Alpha says, a new and improved PSN interface is really needed, for both in-game and out.

I hope Sony listens to what people want, because they seem to be oblivious of what people who own their console actually need and the Playstation Share blog seems to be totally ignored/wasted.

I could care less about Cross-game chat, I just want a new in-game fast interface to read messages/game invites etc and an improved friends list/trophy cards (like co-ordinating the design to match PSN store etc)

Close_Second2948d ago

...changing the XMB too much may be a bit too much to ask. You have to keep in mind that the XMB is the default interface style for most Sony devices nowadays.

I just wish they would get the look and feel of it consistent across all the different components of the XMB. It feels like different dev groups were responsible for different parts of the interface.

WhittO2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

exactly, the XMB feels inconsistent and cluttered because they just keep adding more useless icons which become annoying when you browse past them and they load instantly.

It really needs organising and could easily clean things up by adding a category or 2 under the PSN Column

Why o why2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

'I could care less'

isnt it meant to be 'i couldn't care less' ie 'i couldnt give a sh!t'

if you could care less then you're saying you actually care....;(

can this be the day we fix this for good..


the internet

iPad2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I want the XMB to be more like that NXE.

Like for example, when you turn on your xbox, and see the NXE, the first you'll think is Xbox LIVE. Is like Xbox LIVE is inegrated on the NXE. Now on the XMB, is just like a normal menu. The XMB doesn't scream out PlayStation Network like NXE does with Xbox LIVE.

Please Note: I am NOT talking about ads and how the NXE is filled with them.

Do you guys know what I mean? Cause I suck at explaining things, LOL :P

WhittO2948d ago

I could care less (to me) means that I'm not bothered either way, would be a good feature to have but prob wouldn't use it.... basically means - 'Meh'

I couldn't care less (to me) means that I am totally against having cross-game chat and hope they don't waste time including it lol.

BTW I'm not American lol, I'm from UK - Liverpool.

pimpmaster2947d ago

you can expect to pay 50$ to get it. from what ive read this wont be available for people who dont.

PS3istheshit2947d ago

So I have no problems at what it could be

Oner2947d ago

What I find funny is how people say they want the XMB to more like the NXE when the NXE is a direct copy of the XMB to begin with ~

XMB you scroll left/right for area then up/down for selection


NXE you scroll up/down for area then left/right for selection

How can the XMB copy what the NXE does when the NXE copied the XMB but in reverse!?!? If they did copy the NXE it would be a double negative and be right back to the current design! LoL!

Alex Kidd2947d ago (Edited 2947d ago )

So because you have to scroll vertically or horizontally its a "direct copy"? How else do you suggest going through a menu?

There is more to the NXE than which way the menu's scroll and if you think the XMB couldn't learn anything from the NXE the you are delusional.

There are lots of ways they could improve the XMB, things like the recently played list looks awful with all the loading and im not sure if many of you have noticed but as it loads each profile colour it sort of flashes on the screen. Things like this make it look so clunky.

But I really think Sony don't care too much I mean how many years did it take for them to add more avatars??

Oner2947d ago

^^^ Doesn't get it. I'm not going to argue. It IS what it IS...

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Corepred42948d ago

i wish they would work on the in-game xmb. i hate the lag i get when trying to write a message right after a match in mw2 or ssf4, and it ends up messing up the letters. either that or what i really want would be voice messages. who wants to type? it'd be so much easier just to leave a little message of what you want to say.

gtamike2947d ago

Another great free update Sony thanks!!!! :D

-Alpha2948d ago

I don't expect much from PS3 updates. Sony is more like micro-evolution in the sense that they take baby steps but release more updates.

I do hope with PSN+ that this update is huge. Personally I really want to see some interface updates already. The XMB is slick but way too clunky in-game with it loading stuff that doesn't need to be loaded, causing more loading times, etc.

They also need to get the basic stuff down like pressing the PS Button to open up a notification like when somebody sends a message, and Trophies need to be streamlined onto the friends list to make it feel more prestigious rather than tucking them away behind a screen no one really cares to look at.

I think an interface update alone can be good enough. And they just need to get Cross Chat out ASAP.

BakedGoods2948d ago

When is this coming out? Tuesday?

saint_john_paul_ii2948d ago

dont think it would be big, its only, .1 huge...

trounbyfire2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I think it is perfect. Everythng is right there not hiding things. PICS,music,video,games,web friends. SIMPLE

In game XMB is just slow they can speed it up. and to be honest if you just press the PS button and then go to friends list then press the PS buttom again when ever you press it again you start from the friends list. and then its just press messages and new messages a whole 2 or 3 seconds.

But you could just go into chat and then when every you net a message it appears on screen or just pressing the PS button brings you right to the Text chat so you see all the chat.

I love the XMB but I do think they need a apps tab to put Hulu,Last FM netflix all in one place

saint_john_paul_ii2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

i think the reason why people have a few problems with the XMB is because it doesnt connect with community.

if you look at the 360's NXE, every option that you look at, has something to do with community.

also, unlike NXE, sony doesnt have deals with the game media, which talks about guides on how to beat the game (IGN on NXE)

Tony-A2948d ago

I think the XMB is fantastic for a UI, but I think it needs to be updated with a redesign for accessing in-game. I'm saying redesign the in-game XMB to make it much quicker.

Razmossis2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

I personally think that the whole weekly video updates of random stuff (music festivals, IGN guides, dev interviews) is the ONE section the XMB is missing. But it should be kept tidy, the store link spamming is still an unwelcome sight to me

WildArmed2948d ago

it's a safe bet we aren't seeing anything but the new PSN+ feature.
Sony plays it safe with fw updates.
Including one big feature at a time.
This is probably our biggest update of '10..
But I hope we see some more bigger fw updates down the road.

The only one I care about would be PSN Party.
I could care less about everything else.
Hopping from one game to another, or getting a group together before popping in the game would just be golden for me.

I could care less about x-game vc or voice msg (but voice msg would be a good addition)

cliffbo2948d ago

why dont you use Home you can do all what you just said in there.

Non_sequitur2948d ago

The party feature was the only thing I really cared for when I played on the 360. The XMB is just fine. I like being able to see most of the icons on screen. The in game XMB should be more like the 360's though because of the difference in speed is very apparent. I do agree with some in not expecting too much from Sony after the trophy sorting update. I do find it irritating that MS and Sony make us wait for their big updates until after E3 because one yr wait in the console world is too long.

WildArmed2947d ago

Home is a great idea, but most of my friends dont wanna bother logging in.. or even installing it.
I have nothing against home personally, I go on every few weeks to check out the new stuff.

Either way, booting up home and organizing a party is just as much as hassle as it is to boot the game and invite everyone.

madpuppy2948d ago

I think that a custom XMB made for accessing in game would be a really good idea. with just the features that you would need. the problem is, what features would the average user need to access in game?

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MGRogue20172948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

Anything to do with improving performance of the XMB or improving the internet browser would be perfect.

For me, anyway. :)

trounbyfire2948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )

i use mine everyday more than the PC now.
We just need to have it more stabilize and not freeze and SONY please keep the FLASH updated.

YOUtube and twitter hasn't worked right since youtube and twitter updated their sites.

Also if people want so flashy avatars on every area of the XMB like the 360. WHY you see community i see stupid avatars forced on people in stupid places

ExPresident2948d ago

I'm done clicking all all these rumor stories. No more hits from me. I'll wait till Sony updates the blog with the official release, no questions, no rumor, no concerns just facts.

SpLinT2948d ago

Nothing amazing has been leaked ...meaning expect nothing amazing.

playstation+ avalibility
security issues
better PS software playback
removal of a feature.

Expect this .

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