Killzone 3 Co-op Let Slip On Jimmy Fallon?

Last Night on the Jimmy Fallon show, Killzone 3 was demoed live, during this demonstration, Herman may have let slip about an upcoming feature in Killzone 3.

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DA_SHREDDER2946d ago

All I think of when I think of Jimmy Falon now is "OMG! Teh bubblez" LOL. I cannot wait to get my hands on this beast. I heard they somewhat fixed the controls. Hope its true.

dangert122946d ago

lol that was funny the bubbles are in 3d loool
wats he exspect 3d everything and 2d bubles lol

Sasuke1592945d ago

You can change the controler of kz2 by going to options and controlers. Here u can make the controlers similar to MW2 if that what u want. U can zoon in wt R1 and melee attacks wt R3 and so on.

WhatARump2945d ago

By controls I think he's referring to the aiming system and its "heavyness"

Although it adds to the realism, it doesn't necessarily add to the enjoyment... it's really dependent on the type of person you are!

I want to see split screen over online co-op though :(
Need a good game to play when friends are over!

Cevapi882945d ago

co-op....ohhh yesssss....but then i think about it....and who will you play as when you are in co-op....and then Rico comes to mind...uhhh, im not gonna think about it anymore lol

cjflora2945d ago

There was nothing wrong with the controls. I played through the whole game w/o an issue.

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Blaze9292946d ago

Word. I love split-screen too so hopefully that makes it in this time.

Imperator2946d ago

Co-Op would be epic win. Really one of the few things missing from KZ2.

SixZeroFour2946d ago

i thought i read somewhere that killzone 3 was having coop for sure? cause i remember commenting that i was glad a lot of games were bringing back coop

WildArmed2945d ago

While I'd love co-op in K3, he just said 'You can also place this game in multiplayer with friends'
Meaning, it most likely is talking about competitive.
OFC, it's just speculation..
if it comes true, everyone will be like OMGZ I KNEW IT.
If it doesn't, everyone will forget someone brought this insignificant quote up and twisted it into something else.

I'm just saying.

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Fishy Fingers2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I was wondering that, he said you can play "this" in multiplayer ("with friends") during the single player, I was like "waaaa?" but he could just be referring to the game as a whole, there's multiplayer.

But hey, who doesnt think KZ3 will have co-op? I do.

TooTall192946d ago

When I was watching the show it seemed like Hulst was referring to the competitive mp, but it wasn't very clear. If only Jimmy would have stopped interrupting lol. Herman should have also mentioned Killzone 2.

Tony-A2946d ago

Let's not jump to conclusions, people.

He said that you'll be able to play with your friends with multiplayer. He didn't say the campaign and he didn't say "cooperatively". I'm going to wait for Guerrilla's official co-op announcement (if it ever comes) without interruptions from a super-excited talk show host (which hilarious).

D4RkNIKON2946d ago

Herman Hulst was asked in a different interview about what the fans wanted most in killzone3 and he said that co-op was one of the most requested features of KZ2 so I am guessing the fact that he brought it up, it wouldn't surprise me if it is true

Lex Luthor2946d ago

Didn't that fallon guy star in that taxi film?
didn't know he had his own show.

Darkfiber2946d ago

Probably just meant that it has multiplayer. Co-op would be cool though, but don't grasp at straws.

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