Video: Seven Minutes of Halo: Reach Firefight 2.0

The headline says it all: there's new footage of the Halo: Reach Firefight mode courtesy of Halo Waypoint. Keep an eye out for surprises like the return of the bubble shield.

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Valay2801d ago

I don't know if I'd go that far since there are many great games coming out this year across all platforms, but I'm interested in this.

-Alpha2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Halo Reach and LBP2 are my biggest games for 2010. I am predicting both to be my GOTY. Like nearly every year there never is ever one GOTY. I'm sure Reach will win GOTY on a few sites as well as all the other heavy hitters this year.

It's tough to call Reach GOTY with all the other games for sure, but it's a heavy contender. I'm sold on the multiplayer, but I have lots of expectations for Single Player.

Bungie is a great team, and FireFight 2.0 looks nice.

Redrum0592801d ago

Looks realy good, Ill giv it a try wen my cuzin gets it.

damn dude, seven bubbles??? Your avatar name realy suits you. How do you do it?

jakethemuss2801d ago

doesn't look much better than H3.

-Mezzo-2801d ago

Damn, thats looks marvelous, but GOTY, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Bnet3432801d ago

It has a lot of features, why wouldn't be GOTY? It can be. I think Mass Effect 2 might win it though.

CWMR2801d ago

It has as good as shot as any of them, and better than most. At least that is my impression based on Bungie's track record and everything I have seen of Reach.

SixZeroFour2801d ago

i hate when ppl say goty (unless the game actually is)...they should really say "goty contender" until goty is awarded

i love halo reach, loved the beta, and LOVED what was shown on campaign and firefight 2.0...i KNOW its a goty contender but i would never say goty until its actually won it

Valay2801d ago

People just love to jump the gun early!

OneSneakyMofo2801d ago

I'm sure when they say GotY they mean GotY for them.

gamer20102801d ago

I basically agree with you. However, I think we all know that in a sense it is just a shorthand way of saying "I think such and such will be GOTY".

Still, it would be better if people made it clear that it is merely their opinion.

SixZeroFour2801d ago

true...i know the majority of the ppl saying (apart from the fanboys) say it cause its what they think will win or their opinion...but i just think it kinda disrespects the other goty contenders when they claim such and such already won goty ESPECIALLY when the year isnt close to being over (only about half way in the year)

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ClownBelt2801d ago

Oh man thanks for the laugh. haha

Fanb0y2801d ago

Nice use of your bubble man.

RatFuker2801d ago

littlebigplanet2 goty 2010

ABizzel12801d ago

GOTY is going to be hard there are a ton of contenders already and by year's end there will be at least 10 games worthy of competing for the spot.

Mass Effect 2
God of War 3
Red Dead Redemption

gamer20102801d ago

Long live Halo! And it could be GOTY. I just know it looks amazing and will almost certainly play amazingly well.

basicsameh5142801d ago

killzone 2 might be your fanboys lover but it is only a aids riddin whore compared to halo

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Ziriux2801d ago

Great freakin game cant wait to see it in action.

halo4fan2801d ago

When I see reach, I can't help but get happy.

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