EA's Love Affair with PlayStation 3

At E3 last week, the publisher announced two special edition versions of Dead Space 2 and Medal of Honor exclusively for the PS3. And if you had paid attention to the EA press conference, you would have noticed the majority of the titles demoed on stage were being played on PS3.

During an interview with IGN, Electronic Arts COO John Schappert expressed his enthusiasm for PS3 and explained why the publisher appears to be cuddling up to Sony.

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basicsameh5142614d ago

By affair they mean there money

dangert122614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

money makes the world go round ms do it sony do it 2 i don't have a problem with it but sony are being smart with it buying true exclusive content or stuff us as user will get for free and xbl users will have to pay extra for at a latter date

@trounbyfire there not demo's lol

a demo is

alien breed compared to alien breed impact
if this content comes to the xbox you will have to fork out extra like the assigns creed brother hood dlc which will be on the disc on ps3

xbox will have to pay

i dont think

extraction or the MOH remake will see xbox live

Iamback2614d ago

they should have done this long time ago.

jakethemuss2614d ago

MS has been doing it for away.

ShinMaster2614d ago

...there can be just a little bit more to it than just money...

rockleex2614d ago

Sony doesn't have money to throw around like Microsoft.

Sony has to build their relationships through other means.

"Give us an exclusive feature and we'll advertise some of your games during Kevin Butler montages. We could promote your games on PS Home or the Whats New features."

Or something along those lines.

Commander TK2614d ago

remove all their VIP bullshit against used games

Snakefist302614d ago

Well Dead Extraction And MOH HD Will Appear On Live.But U No M$ They Will Put Charge Extra Bucks On It.

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Strange_Evil2614d ago

Good to see Sony going after 3rd party support. First EA and even Ubisoft have shown PS support (with AC:Brotherhood exclusive content).

3rd party exclusivity is nearly dead now, so from here onwards, the most exclusive you will see will be content exclusivity.

raztad2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Yeah, I like to see that third party support as well. What is the point of increasing PS3 userbase if not getting more and better games/content everyday?

I know many people disappointed because Sony spent "too much" time talking about multiplats in their presser, but it is pretty obvious Sony need to share the wealth with their partners.

Now I need to make my mind. I'm totally buying PSMOVE: Dead Space 2 (+ extraction)? Socom 4? or might I get the Time Crisis (3 games in 1) bundle with full MOVE support.

cool cole2614d ago

I think Ubisoft will always have PS3 exclusive Assassins Creed stuff, seems like that's the way they're going.

SOAD2614d ago

Quick question: Does extraction only come with the limited edition of Dead Space 2 or does it come with the standard copy?

And if it does only come with the limited edition, will there be a way to get it later on through PSN or something?

cool cole2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I don't think anything's been confirmed about a standalone copy of Extraction for either 360 or PS3, so far we only know that it's in the limited edition.

FarEastOrient2614d ago


Dead Space Extraction on Dead Space 2 is like Dante Inferno Limited / Collector's Edition on the PS3. Basically there is only one version of the game coming out on the PS3 and that game has more content that the other console version did.

logikil2614d ago


I suspect it will be similar to the release of Dante's Inferno Divine Edition. It essentially cost the same as the 360 release but had additional content. That would be the smart thing to do.

sikbeta2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

IMO is the Fact that EA want the Money invested on the wii that was Lost, seeing How the PS-Move Works x1000 Better, they can port all their Games on the PS3 like they're doing with Dead Space 2 + Extraction, probably More Games Coming from EA will have the same treatment, with Blu-Ray they can add more Stuff in the upcoming games and don't lose anything cos those game are already done, Games with more "Gaming Value" = 2 x $60, this way they'll assure more sales, also Sony will Promote those Games with ads and such like they did with AC2, that's the only way Sony is handling Deals Now and by that this is not about Sony giving Money directly to EA....

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heroprotagonist2614d ago

Of course it means money. Companies don't do things like this unless they have some incentive, and given the fact that the PS3 still has the smallest user base the most likely explanation is some kind of deal with Sony involving monetary "compensation".

playstation_clan2614d ago

it was either this or over-priced COD maps. sony picked wisely

thewhoopimen2614d ago

you know... there could be some other reason other than money... such as MS pissing off EA more than Sony does.

Gladiator72614d ago

activision in Microsoft side now.

So, EA will go with Sony.

NYPunkster2614d ago

How is this different from MW2 & MS?

Army_of_Darkness2614d ago

map packs, or Full Games that are remastered in HD as exclusive content.... oh yeah, Nooooo difference at all.

dead space 2 w/ extraction! wooo Haaa!

badz1492614d ago

but it's on Sony and gamers will get 2 games for 1 price! - not just exclusive DLCs you'll still need to pay for it on the other 'side'!

HBK6192613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

You're right in one way, but I don't think you're using it in that way.

Money is the exact reason why EA have a distinct partnership with Sony and the PS3. It's because more or less, EA games sell better on the PS3. Basically nearly every EA title will sell better on the PS3, thus giving more money to EA via that.

One probably outstanding example to use was Dante's Inferno. This is a game that was coming out only a month before one of the biggest PS3 titles and basically what Dante's Inferno emulated in God of War 3. YET Dante's Inferno sold better on the PS3 (or at least is currently). Again, just like what is doing with these little bits of extra's for MoH and Dead Space 2, DI had a special edition exclusive to the PS3. Whether that was really the deciding factor to get people buying the PS3's version, only EA knows. But EA certainly won't want to stop if it's working.

Dead Space PS3 has sold more than the XBOX 360 version (this is after 5 months the 360 version having a substantial 200,000 unit lead) and again like EA did with Dante's Inferno are offering up and irresistible Collector's Edition which will push sales even further for the PS3.

Also as has been said by EA in the past. EA backed Sony and the PS3 to be the winner in this console race and they aren't going to back down from it now that the worst part is over and the PS3 titles are selling so well. I highly doubt the reason EA are giving these extra's is because Sony is paying for them. Most likely it's due to that which I've said and Sony just opening up a bit more and offering better dev kits for developers (which would explain Ubisoft and 2K's DLC moves, as well as Ubisoft leading on the PS3 now and EA having already done so for a fair while too).

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trounbyfire2614d ago

as well as Ubisoft.

and people we like you stupid fanboy well HA HA

NYC_Gamer2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

those bonus games will end up xbl....

raztad2614d ago

But probably you will have to pay for them.

I dont see MS allowing you to download full games for free.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

Doubt it, exclusive content are words that sounds more solid on Sony than Microsoft with Timed exclusives.

thewhoopimen2614d ago

Did the joker content ever make it to 360 Batman AA?

DA_SHREDDER2614d ago (Edited 2614d ago )

I wanna see what a PSEA baby looks like.

MicroEA came out with down syndrome.

NYC_Gamer2614d ago

EA needs to bring over that mass effect franchise..

DA_SHREDDER2614d ago

Nah, they need to bring Dead Space exclusivity to the ps3 and see what Visceral Games can do with the power of teh cell. Or even better yet, bring Need for Speed World Undercover and let Criterion get being the reigns.