And Destructoid's E3 'Game of the Show' is...

Destructoid writes "Staff was asked to choose their top five games (in order of preference) from our nominees. The number-one game was weighted heavier than the number-five title, with the final score tallied to decide our winner."

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trounbyfire2946d ago

Kirby's Epic Yarn, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Donkey Kong Country Returns


Rucury2946d ago

I'm sorry, but how are you getting disagrees? This reminds of a video from GamesOnSmash... "Stealth disagreeing".

And Kirby: Epic Yarn looks fucking awesome and you know it!!

Anarki2946d ago

not everyone likes the same games.

Imperator2946d ago

At least this year there were plenty of contenders (mainly from the Ps3 and Wii). Last year UC2 had a near unanimous victory.

LoaMcLoa2946d ago

Epic Kick-Your-Ass really...

Acquiescence2946d ago

Of course it's an epic yawn.

Chris3992946d ago

There's a 5 minute trailer up on the EU PSN (or maybe the Japanese one - too many accounts :P)

Honestly, it's the best looking/ sounding multi-plat game I've ever seen.

eagle212946d ago

Good picks! Mine was a tie between Zelda and Kirby. :)

eagle212946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I can't believe I got disagrees for my opinion...I don't care about Portal or Crysis...LMAO.....and some of them picked Portal. Ya'll love to overhype stuff then the reviews hit and then you get Stupid idiots. Nintendo had the longest lines at E3, and the most praise. Deal with it..cry somewhere else. :)

I'm always right about my games, I know what I'm talking about. Always....always!! :)

The games I picked will be over 30 hours of gameplay, trigger happy 6 hour games are getting played out!

Gr812946d ago

Hey its N4G, it know that ;)But for me my game of the show was DKC. Seeing Retro take the reigns and staying true to the roots of the game keeping it 2d instead of making a 3d platformer in this tech age, was surprising and encouraging

It just looks so awesome and fun I can't wait to get it come December. Epic Yarn was also very unique looking, and also looks like fantastic fun. The 2d revival is in full effect, and I can't see how self proclaimed hardly core gamers dismiss these 2d games as rehashes. The old school gamers know this is like 1994 all over again lol.

As for Zelda, initially I was alil disappointed. The art style was very unexpected, and the interference during the demo may have contributed to my luke warm reaction to the game. But after watching uninhibited hq vids of ppl playing Zelda I am now excited for the title.

The graphics actually looks quite slick, and I know after the polish they will really be gorgeous. Oh yeah and Other M also a runnerup for me but sicne that game comes out in 2 months I'm just ready to jump in.

LeonSKennedy4Life2946d ago

Portal 2 deserves it.
Little Big Planet 2 deserves it.
Killzone 3 deserves it.
Crysis 2 deserves it.
Rage deserves it.
Twisted Metal deserves it.

NOTHING Nintendo showed deserves it...and I'm the biggest Donkey Kong Country fan you'll ever meet.

Seferoth752946d ago

I'm the biggest Sony fan ever. Everything they showed was complete garbage.
Portal 2. Your only interested now that it is on PS3.

LBP. Complete crap and I am the biggest LBP fan there is.
Killzone 3. More interested in GoldenEye. Like 99% of Sony fans I trash anything that isnt a new IP on 260 or Wii but unlike most Sony fans I use the same standard for judging PS3 games. Stop milking this lame franchise and move on to something new... Oh and I am the biggest Killzone fan evah...
Crysis. repeat Killzone
Rage. repeat Killzone
Twisted Metal? When is Sony going to do something new instead of rehashing the same game over and over and over. I was playing TM on PS1 for Christ sake. Oh biggest Twisted Metal fan ever..

I wonder if you are ever going to stop crying over E3? Seriously you are taking it way too personally. Also stop claiming to be a fan of games you hate in order to try to justify your love for other games.

It doesnt make your point any more valid than when I did it.

weazel2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

You're the biggest whiny bi*ch you mean little dude.
(Games are subjective, so people can like whatever the f*ck they want!)

karl2946d ago

biggest fan? u couldn't be more obvious when u thought that lie about all that was a smart move right?

and u are worst troll ever...

Seferoth752945d ago

I love how Sony fans I was being serious. You wont believe how many PMS I got from clueless idiots who didnt get the point of my post at all. Like they couldnt read the first post and then my response and put 2 and 2 together.

It's sad but they go out of their way to prove why most of the gamer world looks down on them as complete morons.

4 people saw that I was doing it to make a point and wasnt serious. 17 Sony fans completely missed that point . How can any one group contain so many people from the low end of the gene pool.

BigRedBall2946d ago

Your the biggest sony fan ever and yet you sent me a pm bawing over a comment I made about the wii. Come on now...

weazel2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Yup. The tool PM'd me too whining about Sony and spouting all kinds of sobbing nonsense...
Some would speculate that this implies that he has no life!...Not me though.
No siree.
Not at all.
Not in any way....

"It's sad but they go out of their way to prove why most of the gamer world looks down on them as complete morons." Because they disagree with your perspective?
Id much kid? Freud 'd love you..

eagle212946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

It's always Leon.. how about me saying nothing sony or microsoft showed deserved it. You think you are the only one who can talk smack about people's own opinions. LOL

The best game of E3 is a personal opinion. The Legend Of Zelda is with it!!!! :)

Aphe2946d ago

Leon is probably the person you'd least like to meet in RL. Unless you wanted to push him into an oncoming train I suppose, some people are more extreme than others.

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