Kane & Lynch 2 demo coming to PC/PS3 as well

TVGB: "That Xbox 360 exclusive pre-launch Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo? A timed exclusive, it turns out."

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bradlinho2857d ago

not interested. first game was crap. this'll be crap. crap.

wohoo2857d ago

That's what demos are for, innit? To convince the haters? :)

MisterNiwa2857d ago

Guess you wont convince someone who hates the game so much that he doesnt even bothers with it anymore.

Just saying, I liked the first one. And I think the art style of the 2nd one is pretty interesting.

NarooN2857d ago

The first game was amazing. Trolls like you just walk around saying it sucked because you saw a video interview and think this game caused Jeff to leave Gamespot. Well GameSpot has been sucking for years, and GiantBomb is way better anyway. The only problem with the first game were the last few missions and the awkward cover system - the controls themselves worked fine and I played the game on the PC AND the PS3.

I wouldn't have had any problem with your comment but you had to go and use baseless troll-logic and make yourself look like a dumbass two-year old. How does the previous game "sucking" - that sentiment alone being totally subjective - result in a game you haven't even PLAYED and saw very little of to suck as well?

xX TriiCKy Xx2857d ago

The funny thing is, I hated the game and I have no idea who the hell Jeff is. On another note, what in the world is GiantBomb?

NarooN2857d ago

Dunno why you think you're funny and witty since I didn't say EVERYONE who hated the game, I said trolls like him. If I say I hate a game, I at least explain why I hate it. Anyone who just says "Zomg game is trash yo" without backing it up is just trolling in my eyes.

Regardless, I could care less about who hated the game when it still ended up selling millions of copies, there's a movie being made, and a friggin' sequel. I'm pleased at this point so the whole world could hate it, won't stop me from buying the next game.

Man In Black2857d ago

Then fuck off. Why'd you click the link then?

Vicophine2857d ago

>Timed Exclusive Demo

What the Hell Microsoft?

MajestieBeast2857d ago

Also wtf eidos and anyone else with those horrible timed exclusive demo's i mean how does this help you sell your product to the other fanbase.

NarooN2857d ago

I've been waiting to play this for ages and they [Microsoft] actually pays people for friggin' demos? That's *beyond* stupid.

SCThor2857d ago

and who the hell pays for timed exclusive DLC that EVERYBODY knows will come to the other console in 1 month???...oh wait

sickbird2857d ago

MS loves timed exclusives, cause they bring them more sales NOTTT!! (borat voice)

zeeshan8102857d ago

Thanks for the reminder.
I thought Eidos doesn't love PS3 at all.
Its a good news for PS3 and PC fans.

RyuDrinksTheDew2857d ago

now i get to play it on PS3 and 360 to see which version im gonna buy. :)

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