Halo 3 Campaign, Multiplayer Blowout in EGM

This week, Electronic Gaming Monthly subscribers started receiving the latest issue, which, as you already know, has first hands on experience with Halo 3's shrouded in secret campaign mode, reveals of new weapons, vehicles, levels and game modes, and the latest update on where Bungle's going with the game's incredibility ambitious multiplayer, needless to say, they're going all out.

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ben hates you3772d ago

barnes and noble, so i can buy it

Lyberator3772d ago

My issues not here yet. Anyone on here get theirs yet?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Damn I mean the updated weapons from Halo to Halo 2 were one thing but this is a whole new arsonal of toys to play with yipee.

PS360PCROCKS3772d ago

"Plus, 1UP and EGM have tag-teamed to provide extensive online coverage, starting August 23."

Yes please rub it in arseholes that I have to wait a little longer, lol...the waiting is killing me :'(

RussianSniper3772d ago

"Incredibly ambitious multiplayer"?

Halo 3 beta played just like Halo 2+Equipment...

calderra3772d ago

Nevermind things like the Sandtrap level being the biggest Halo multiplayer level ever. It's just Halo 2 + equipment. And new weapons. And new vehicles. And armor customization. And new gametypes.....

Daz3772d ago

Might of did to you but to me it was the most fun and the best mutiplayer i have played in a while and it defently didnt feel like halo 2 mutiplayer. and it looked great on a HD TV.

ASSASSYN 36o3772d ago

You must be a ps3 owner. I can tell by you hint at anger.

TheSadTruth3772d ago

"Halo 3 beta played just like Halo 2+Equipment..."

Even though the beta was technically Halo 2 + Equipment.. it's still better than any released PS3 game at the moment.

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