Joystiq: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor Review

Treasure's shooters are about giving you a limited set of abilities, and then running you through a never-ending gauntlet of bullets, crowds of enemies, and giant boss rushes until you've mastered every nuance of those abilities. In this game, the moveset comprises a basic shot, a charge shot, a dodge move, and a melee attack.

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eagle212942d ago

The Wii is on fire right now. Anyone who can't see it is a blind fanboy. :)

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PSjesus2942d ago

The first S&P was awesome and this one looks even better.

Mahr2942d ago

This is one of the things I was disappointed with in Nintendo's E3 conference this year: it would have taken all of five minutes (and zero dollars) to show something and have Reggie remind everyone that this game is coming. Five minutes and this game could have been piggy-backing off the hype and publicity from the conference. Five minutes!

How can you delay a game an entire month so that it comes out right after E3, have an entire conference based on major upcoming games, and not spare even a single *mention* of this game that most people do not even know exists?

2941d ago
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