LittleBigPlanet Community Update

The PlayStation Blog writes "GI-MUNGOUS update for you guys today…so lets get right to it."

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Lirky2761d ago

Nice.. i read all of it that crown giveaway seems interesting mixing lbp2 clips and responding to their youtube channel with the edited created video that u made.

the_union_of_PS3602761d ago

this what i love although little big planet is almost 2 years old they still update and care about there game. LBP was a huge success i always find new people online and and every single day there's a new way to play.

LBP2 don't be surprised if they update and give stuff to us each month :)lol "sharing is caring" copyright ! for LBP3 remember this comment lol

2761d ago
Spenok2759d ago

Nice, i love this game and still play it regularly. Something that i just cant seem to put down.