Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught still no plans for PC

E4G: The newest 4 player co-op mode for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was released for the consoles at various times a while back but, the pc version still has no plans for the new DLC to be released. The official word on a possible PC version remains to be that they are "investigating the possibility." Yeah, right.

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dkblackhawk502888d ago

Damn, that sucks for the PC gamers, I hope EA/DICE releases it for the PC.

matrix2242888d ago

I hope so too, I like gaming on my pc every now and then :D

mmoracerules2888d ago

All the time for me, love pc gaming! <3

matrix2242888d ago

This sucks...oh well, time to bring out the good old PlayStation 3 version :D

mmoracerules2888d ago

I invested too much money into my PC...can't afford consoles right now ^_^'

dkblackhawk502888d ago was a good investment though, I could imagine that.

mmoracerules2888d ago

...Why would EA do this to the PC gamers? This is retarded...I hope it is just bug related crap...

Pandamobile2888d ago

Doesn't really bother me. I wouldn't pay $10 for it.

dkblackhawk502888d ago

You got bubbles lol, anyways. I don't mind chipping in the 10 bucks for it though, just the fact of having it is good enough for me and i make that in a hour of work so really...yeah but that is just me.

piroh2888d ago

i thought PC DLC is free

Close_Second2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

...but in NZ it's $17!

Sold off my copy of BC2 the next day as a result. The lag since the recent updates completely ruined the game for me.

goflyakite2888d ago

Yep, I thought this was free for the longest time.

Not spending $10 on one game mode. Too bad, I was looking forward to some co-op with friends.

sid4gamerfreak2888d ago

Yeah doesnt bother me at all. Hell, give it to us free...

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Eazy-Eman2888d ago

considering the fact that it was only 100 KB...

Letros2888d ago

Has to do with client side server code. PC dedicated servers, which all code is based on the provider, if they released onslaught on pc as p2p it would provide the code to users and they would come up with a lot of hacks and cheats like MW2 has, the alternative is to use 1 dedicated server as 1 onslaught game, which is inefficient.

I guess consoles win in this manner with cheat free environment. No matter for me though BC2 was pretty lackluster compared to BF2, just holding off until BF3 comes out.

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