Medal of Honor PS3 Beta Patch Live

The Medal of Honor PlayStation 3 beta has been patched for North American users! It will be available to European users in the very near future as well. The patch addresses a number of issues including:

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MGRogue20172615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

"It will be available to European users in the very near future as well."

Alright.. Fantastic! But when is the exact date for Europeans?? I'm in the UK & currently awaiting the patch >:P

Shadow Man2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I'm currently waiting for the beta :p

dkblackhawk502614d ago

Wow..Disagreeing for waiting for the beta? hmm okay and on topic now. This is great news, feel sorry for the Europeans though...

thehitman2615d ago

I hope they fixed more than the freezing issues because when I played I felt there was much more than that, that they needed to fix.

iceman062614d ago

It's really only been a week. So, I'm guessing that they only fixed those immediate issues so that they might actually get some real feedback from the beta testers.

Prcko2615d ago

ahh i wanna go to beta

ER-AM2615d ago

I'm still waiting for my code from Amazon. Cocksuckers.

Dnied2615d ago

still Lags when you get killed, screen still doesnt fit the TV by default


270mb of what exactly? lol

HavenOfFear2615d ago

I haven't frozen yet so that's good. But the lag at death is horrible. I'll round a corner sprinting and die. Also, there needs to be some health adjustments. I'll shoot a good 3/4 of my mag into someone and they won't die. Or I'll shoot at someone first and they'll shoot back and kill me right away. Don't get me started on not getting to choose my spawn location. This beta makes me rage hard

Rumor2615d ago

i had this problem and it sucked to change settings aaaaaaaaaaall the time, everytime i booted up

Bigbangbing2615d ago

if your LCD (assuming) from samsung, then nothing fits it by default, choose "Screen Fit" instead of "16:9" ratio.

Dnied2615d ago

No, settings still arent saving, I have to readjust the screen settings every time (42" panasonic viera, plasma)

I dont mind the beta but these are simple changes that should have been included in the 270mb. lol theres no excuse for that they were blatant bugs.

sensitivity is reset etc

Bigbangbing2615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

well, I didn't receive a beta code, so I don't know about "settings not been saved" problem...

when I first replied I thought that maybe you own a samsung TV which totally suck when it comes to ratio.

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The story is too old to be commented.