No WiFi Support for OnLive... Seriously

Golgotron says, "I got to try out OnLive for about 15 minutes at E3 last week and I have to say, it didn't suck. The video resolution was a bit low but I was completely surprised when I switched from playing Batman: Arkham Asylum to Unreal Tournament 3 in about 2 seconds flat. I was looking forward to getting some more hands-on time with the program from home but those plans have been completely spoiled. OnLive currently does not allow you to connect to the service if you are using a WiFi connection. This seriously blew my mind."

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JoePesci2857d ago

That's pretty fail in my opinion...

masterg2857d ago

It seems like NamelessTed is jumping to conclusions.
You can not judge something you have not fully tested yet. Other people are saying they can play through wifi.

Onlive might fail big time. But why does it seem like everyone wants it to fail. I take my hat of to developers who takes big risks to do something new that might not work out for them.

Pandamobile2857d ago

Then how the hell do iPads and iPhones connect to it?

NamelessTed2857d ago

I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I tried to play over wireless, and it told me that I can't.

I think I could set up a wireless bridge through software on my computer and trick it into thinking that I am wired by that seems like way too much of a hassle.

NamelessTed2857d ago

So I only just got it running after finding a super long network cable. I am going to be posting a full review of teh service later as well.

Initial impress have me very unimpressed. What I am getting here at home is nothing like the experience I had at E3. Every input from a mouse has noticeable lag. FEAR 2 was extremely difficult to play. Even World of Goo has input lag.

Visual, it is mediocre. Its hard to tell what the in-game settings are but the video quality is so-so. They say that it is 1280x720 video but it doesn't look it.

PS3ROCKS2857d ago

for now. Onlive only supports HD and wired connection for now but will have it later on. Anyway my wired 22mbps connection hardly works.

XactGamer2857d ago

Nyc_Gamer they showed some screens of OnLive vs PC yesterday. It doesn't look tto good for OnLive, like comparing PC vs console.

jay22857d ago

PMSL! fail big time.

Dramscus2857d ago

"I really think that OnLive is shooting themselves straight in the foot and then in the testicles with this decision."

haha yeah...

ElementX2857d ago

Truth be told, wired connections are always best for gaming, even if your wireless router is 2 feet from your wireless device.

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The story is too old to be commented.